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Apr 27, 2008 06:10 PM

Vietnamese in Temecula

Golden Bowl is my favorite place to eat in Temecula when I am visiting the family. We probably go there 2-3 times a month. Its a new restaurant - opening only late last year. The place is family and friends run, and the service is incredibly nice.

I have to say that in the past few visits I have been pretty stunned by the quality of the pho broth - its very high on my list. Herbs are pletifully given - even the appearance of sawtooth on occasion.

Thin sliced roast pork and shrimp spring rolls are something we always order to start. My favorite dish is the Banh Xeo or vietnamese crepe. Its a luscious thing to wrap up in lettuce and mint and add ground chile sauce to. Its better than what Ive tasted in SD.

The nouc cham is also better balanced between musky fish sauce and undercurrent of sweetness.

My mother loves, the vegetarian wheat noodle soup with the puffy fried tofu and chinese broccoli.
Last visit- yesterday- I ordered the combanation Com tam - with the pork chop, egg-pork-fungus meatloaf slice and bi. So delicious! Fragrant marinated pork, was perfect width - not super thin - just fatty enough to keep the entire portion moist and a pleasure to eat with the drier broken rice.

I apoligize about not being able to understand bi before - because now I know what really good bi tastes like. Nice with the roasted ground rice that stood out more in this version.

I never had the egg/pork meatloaf before -- and I really liked it. I thought the black flecks almost looked like wild rice. I am really taken by variety of texture in this simple plate.

I am falling more in love with Vietnamese cuisine by the day. ;^)
Golden Bowl
31069 State Highway 79 S
Temecula, CA 92589

Here are some really bad cell fotos!

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  1. We love Pho Mai (didn't even know there was another Vietnamese place in Temecula). I don't have the address, but it's on Ynez. We've never had a bad experience there, except once I ordered the pho with tendon and the tendon had the distinct flavor of freezer burn and wasn't cooked enough to achieve that wonderful gelatinous texture. But other than that one bowl, every time we've gone has been excellent. We both love the grilled pork spring rolls and hubby has developed a deep relationship with the grilled pork bun (cold noodle salad). We'll try to get to Golden Bowl the next time we're up there. Here is SD, we also like Pho Ca Dao in Mira Mesa. The space is very different (larger, not as spiffed up), but the food is very good (their tendon is fresh and alway gooey). Yummy.

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      I had lunch here today, ordering the special combination pho. The broth was soooo weak my hand got tired from shaking the salt shaker. The nice portion of tripe and the inclusion of culantro could not make amends for the lack of flavor. I resorted to the hoisin and hot sauce, unfortunately.

      I think I will stick with Golden Bowl.

    2. This place is still delicious. The pho is unfailingly satisfying and rich.

      Above average -can just pick up star anise and cinnamon barely, silky deep beef flavor

      plentiful, always fresh

      They do tendon very good here, occasionally they are very generous with the tripe for me. Brisket is also noteworthy

      > 'Salsa:'
      They serve a ground dried fried, near roasted chile and oil salsa that reminds me of salsa de aceite in Guadalajara is f****ing good

      Finally tried their banh mi today - not bad! Bread was exquisitely fresh, crispy and soft, no pate but a sweet mayo. Cold cuts were sparse but pretty tasty. The pickles were not really pickled - just cucumber strips and thin julienne of carrots.

      So there is a good place in Temecula to eat, fyi.