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Aug 29, 2002 02:04 AM

Madeo on Beverly Blvd.

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I am going to Madeo tonight at someone's invitation. Has anyone been? Anything notable?

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  1. Sorry I saw your posting so late. Would have recommended spaghetti botarga, carved roasted veal, and sea bass.

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    1. re: andrew

      Branzino (sea bass) for two.

      1. re: soccerdad

        I also enjoyed the branzino at Madeo (and most other things too--I like the place) but had it for one. I'm almost certain they have it that way and they bone it beautifully for you. It's one of my favorite fish dishes in town.

      2. re: andrew

        You're not too late! I am going tonight, Thursday. Any more tips to impart?

        And, thanks...