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Apr 27, 2008 05:57 PM

Dinner at Schwa next Friday - wine question

We're going to dinner next Friday at Schwa for the first time and not sure what wine(s) we should bring. We've got a bunch of decent bottles at home and am wondering if we can 1-2 of them but have no clue which ones. We've got a bunch of brunello di montalcinos, a rosso di montalcino, a frog's leap zinfandel, and a mondavi chardonnay. Think any of those would work?

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  1. I'd bring one of the Brunellos, but US/New world wines can be tough with his food.
    When I went last year, I brought some Austrian Riesling, Champagne, a softer Pinor Noir and a dessert wine.

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      I'd go with something more versatile. I brought an alsatian riesling and some bottle of red burgundy. We ate some unexpected courses (which was great) and it's nice to have something versatile in terms of pairing. Maybe bring a bottle of the brunello and as long as the chardonnay isn't overly oaked that'd be fine too. Have a great meal!