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Apr 27, 2008 05:55 PM

Willamette Valley in June - what wineries should we visit?

My husband and I are taking a week trip to Oregon and spending three days in the Willamette Valley. We want to visit as many wineries as we can but want to narrow down the list a bit. We'll be staying in McMinnville and are focusing in the area from Portland south to about Amity. Any suggestions would be great - I'm a lover of Oregon wines so I have a few in mind already so...thanks so much!!

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  1. Sounds like fun. Welcome to PDX!
    There are many threads on this subject, both here and in Wine.
    Just scroll down and you'll see many tour ideas.
    My faves in Yamhill County are Carlton Winemakers' Studio, Argyle, Amity, Domain Drouhin, Erath, Torii Mor, Sokol Blosser, Rex Hill.
    What are you considering?

    1. Definitely Torii Mor - very Zen and terrific Pinot Noirs - especially the Olsen Vineyard and Temperance Hill pinots!

      1. I bring out of town guests to Domain Serine and Archery Summitt. These two and Domain Drouhin are within a few minutes of each other.

        1. Thanks everyone! I will definitely check out the other threads. I plan to go to Rex Hill, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Airlie and Sokol Blosser so far but I will look more into the other recs. Thanks again!

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            IMO you can pass on Willamette Valley Vineyards. The location/tour is great (I got married there), but the wine is not up to par for the area. Plus it isn't really close to any of the other great wineries in the area (salem being 25-45 minutes away from the real action).

            1. re: BallardFoodie

              Thanks for the tip Ballard - I've enjoyed their wine in the past so maybe it will be a "if we have time" winery visit.

              1. re: Heyteacher

                Agree that Willamette Vineyards is not worth the out-of-the-way trip.

                Also consider Adelsheim.

                1. re: Leonardo

                  Adelsheim is my number one fave in Oregon but it's just too far from where we will be...

          2. I'm going to be staying in Portland Memorial Day weekend and have slated Sunday as winetasting day. I am considering spending some time at the Carlton Winemakers Studio, Torii Mor, and perhaps Archery Summit. Does anyone have input on these choices? We don't want to overwhelm ourselves trying to squeeze too much into one day (and we have reservations back at Le Pigeon in the evening!), but definitely want to get a sense of some of the more "boutique" wineries and their offerings. Thanks!!

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              1. re: dylinw

                If you are going to be in Carlton at the Studio (which I think is mostly "eh"), go to Canas Feast (used to be called Cuneo) and to my fave in Carlton, Scott Paul. Scott Paul not only makes excellent pinots, he also is the sole importer for some fabulous Burgundies and it is really interesting to taste the pinots and the Burgundies together (and Old World/New World kind of thing, ya know?).

                Torii Mor is really beautiful and the wines are decent.

                Agree about Adelsheim (and Bergstrom and Penner-Ash are down the road, but I like Adelsheim's wines better than the other 2).

                Don't know that Archery Summit is worth the price, personally, though I like Domaine Drouhin just across the road.

                In McMinnville proper, I really love Panther Creek and The Eyrie. Some very nice wines there. Panther Creek is interesting because you can taste single vineyard pinots from the same year and really see what a difference terroir and microclimates make in a wine.

                1. re: JillO

                  Thanks Jillo - that was so helpful! I'm looking forward to McMinnville.

                  1. re: JillO

                    Second Scott Paul. The experience is unparalleled. To taste old and new world wines side by side in a tiny town in Oregon. Perfect.

                    1. re: JillO

                      I'll ditto the recommendation for Scott Paul, too. We stopped there on a whim, and not only were the wines terrific (and as Jill notes, an interesting contrast) the owner was incredibly friendly and gave us some great suggestions for other wineries to visit.