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Aug 29, 2002 12:18 AM

Off Vine

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Would appreciate evaluations on Off Vine in
Hollywood....we are planning dinner there
Sunday evening...thanks.

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    Great place!
    It's housed in a cute little house. Charming owners and terrific food.
    I will always remember this place as the first restaurant I had calamari in as a kid.

    But now I recommend the lobster bisque (if they have it, it's not on their regular menu, but often a special).

    I also really like the Breast of Chicken Stuffed with ricotta, basil and currants with a shallot chardonnay sauce and the Maple Leaf Farm Duck Breast.

    Save room for the must have dessert souffle.

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    1. re: Filmfreaketta

      I haven't been for dinner in awhile. I don't remember it being special. But the souffles-- yum. Make sure you get the chocolate. Served with a little pot of cream.

      And don't share.