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Apr 27, 2008 04:42 PM

One Day in SEA, lunch and dinner

I will be in Seattle for one day on Friday with a flight out at 11:30pm. I can have lunch and dinner. Where do I go?

I was thinking Salume for lunch, I have heard of it but don't know much about it. Any recs?

I would like to be at the airport at 10:00 so I figure I have plenty of time to find a good dinner spot. I am leaning towards seafood (I live in Cleveland and don't get great seafood), maybe Dungeness crab. The dinner could be cheap or expensive; doesn't really matter but I will be dining alone so I would prefer a little livelier atmosphere.

I really am out for a great Seattle dining experience so fire away!!

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  1. Salumi is good for lunch. It's pretty rustic, and small. If you go during the lunch rush, be prepared to wait in line and share a table. I recommend Steelhead Diner in the market for dinner.

    1. Etta's, which is also in the Pike Place Market, does great seafood They have a counter for singles and doubles, definitely has a lively ambience.