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Apr 27, 2008 04:36 PM

Best delivery pizza in Etobicoke - reco's needed

I live in South Etobicoke and for the last few years we've been ordering from Pizza Nova. I love their pizza! I am not a fan of 241 pizza (yuck) and pizza pizza (not a big fan). I have never tried Dominos.

Can you make any recommendations?

Cost wise, I don't mind spending around $20 for a small pizza.


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  1. Royal Pizzeria at Royal York & Queensway and/or Thyme at Dundas & Kipling are both good.

    1. People keep telling me that Capi's at Dundas & Royal York is good, but I have never had a good experience. The only place that I frequent regularly is Vesuvio's at Dundas west of Keele in the Junction which is not quite Etobicoke, but not too far. Strange crust (sort of half way between traditional and thin crust) but consistently really good. And I'm a Pizza Nova fan too.

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        Milano's (3886 Bloor St., 416-622-0222) is one of my favourites for delivery.

        3886 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M9B1L3, CA

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          Second Milano's. Not crazy-awesome, but very good for delivery.

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            Another nod to Milano's. While it was closed a few years back, Il Paesano was a good back up.

      2. We enjoy Thyme 4 Pizza as our delivery option (living in the west end)

        There is a location on the Queensway (near Islington) as well as Dundas W (near where bloor/Dundas/Kipling all intersect)

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        1. Il Paesano.

          I used to work in New Jersey (best pizza is NY & NJ, in my opinion), and we had some colleagues from NJ in town - their verdict? "Not bad", which is high praise coming from guys from Jersey.