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Apr 27, 2008 03:32 PM

Bacaro LA (wine bar)

Has anyone been to a new wine bar called Bacaro LA on 2308 S. Hoover (90007)?

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  1. The pedigree is good, in that Santos Uy, formerly of Silver Lake Wine Co., and sommelier at AOC, is the co-owner. He knows his wines, especially Italian, which is the focus of the wine bar.
    But the actual address is 2308 S. Union Ave., not Hoover.

      1. Went to their "grand" opening. Frat party basically. Santos was very busy flirting with coeds while we patiently waited to get his attention. I'm sure it will get it's bearings - but the frat boy atmosphere is a big turn-off. I kept expecting to run into my daughter's friends.

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          Excuse me? The coeds were flirting with me; I was just entertaining them. Just kidding. There actually weren't too many college "kids" at the grand opening. Perez Hilton was there though! I suggest you come back to a night of regular service when it's a bit more "civilized." I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself! And yes carter, the pedigree IS good! Ciao, babies...