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Apr 27, 2008 03:00 PM

Cherry Picking and other you pick Fruit..

Howdy to all,

I really, really enjoy one farm I go to up by Palmdale. They sell sweet and I think sour cherries plus lavender and OUTSTANDING cherry honey.I have gone to this one place the past 8 years. They use no pesticides, herbicides, while most orchards do up there of course that is why I go to this farm.

Anyways here's a link, they send out e mails when the fruit and flowers are ripe.

Now I have shared one of my secert places. I say this because last year the farms got all froze out and I was one of the lucky few to get cherries at the farm.

But what I really would like to know is if anyone knows of any other great place to pick fruit. I would rather go to a farm and not a farmers market that way I know they have no pesticides etc.

Thanks a ton,


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  1. Even though I've never been there, Beaumont has an organic cherry orchard. Check out their website:

    1. thanks for sharing, Dayote! i'm sorry i don't have any to add, but i would like to second your call for others' recommendations: i have 4-year-old twins and would love to take them out to see fruit, you know, GROWING. (having grown up in mostly urban socal, i myself still think that food in its natural setting looks almost miraculous and even, well, unnatural; i'm so much more accustomed to seeing it in grocery-store pyramids. isn't that sad?)

      1. In the fall, you can go apple-picking at Oak Glen, a small town out past Temecula on the way to Palm Springs. There are a bunch of apple farms there with the most incredible apples. Lots of fun for kids and grown-ups.

        Underwood Family Farms in Ventura also has a U-pick operation, with blueberry picking starting late May.

        Closer to home, it looks like you can pick strawberries at Cal Poly Pomona, although I've never been.

        Happy picking!

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          Oak Glen is a lot of fun but it gets VERY crowded at the weekend, particularly in the two cutesy country plazas (one is at Parrish Pioneer Ranch, where they have the best apple butter in the history of history, and the other I don't remember the name of but trust me you cannot miss it).

          Your geography's a little odd, though -- Oak Glen is 30 miles east of San Bernardino, past Yucaipa, about 50 miles north and slightly east of Temecula, and 25 miles due north of Hemet. It's 12 miles south of Big Bear Lake, though there are those pesky mountains in the way, and it's 45 miles west and north of Palm Springs. It's still in "the 909", though. :)

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Sorry, geography was never my best subject! Thanks for the clarification.
            And I agree, it does get awfully crowded on the weekends, but I still find it fun.

          2. re: onebite

            Underwood is great for kids- they have activities (bouncer, pony rides, petting farm)
            PLUS pick your own-
            May- we picked strawberries, then all the lettuce, snap peas, salad veggies- my 3 1/2 year old LOVES it

            1. re: onebite

              this website is designed for farmers to list cherry pickup, apples pickup, harvest pickup, fruits pickup and vegetables pickup, also Farm Director has free classifieds for farmers, free farmers market listings, free farm events listings.

            2. Orcutt Ranch in Canoga Park.
              Run by the LA City Parks Department.

              Only one weekend in July (you have to call which weekend). Valencia Oranges and white grapefruit.
              $2/shopping bag and $5/medium size box


              1. Hey great links,

                I have been to oak glen it is just ok for me.

                I have never been to Orcutt Ranch. I will look that one up.

                But I also really like Big John's cherries. But I think what you met dayote was the fact that they use no pesticides, herbicides etc. and most of the other orchards do. The reason this is so big for me is the fact that I try to only buy organic stuff and most orchards up there use round up and a lot of chemicals. Well enough of that I love their cherries. I drive a lot way to eat their fruit.

                Anyways thanks a ton all I can't wait for cherry season,