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Apr 27, 2008 02:54 PM

I received a copy of Last Desserts at Gramercy Tavern!!!

I was a bit bummed last year when I found out that they stopped printing that book and the cheapest I could get was $200 for a used copy on Amazon. Some people on this board suggested the library. Apparently, it looked like somebody never returned the copy at my library (sneaky). Somebody suggested to order from Random House. So I did, and was eagerly anticipating my book when I received an Email a few days later that they don't have any more. So I kind of forgot about it and said that it just wasn't meant to be, hoping that Random House would decide to get smart about it and start printing it again. Well, a few days ago I got an Email saying that they were going to ship me my copy of the book. Having been disappointed too often in the past, I just said to myself, "Whatever, it's probably a mistake." Well, I was so surprised when there was a package waiting for me in my building. A brand-new copy of Last Desserts!

So I know a few of you have been dying to purchase the book. Amazon still doesn't carry it but put in your order at Random House before it disappears again.

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  1. You mean The Last Course by Claudia Fleming?

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      1. re: Aimi

        Yup, that's the one. Sorry, was so excited that I got the name of the book confused.

      2. Miss Needle, I think you were extremely lucky! I have been dying to buy The Last Course myself. I just checked out Random House -- I was able to place the book in my cart but when I tried to check out, I was told that the book is unavailable and my cart was emptied. I wonder if contacting Random House would help ~ I may try to do this.

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        1. re: priyapet

          Oh, so sorry about that. Perhaps I received it because I put my order in last year. Wow, and they already ran out! I would also try contacting indigo books to see if they carry it. Even though the website says so, I learned not to be so optimistic because of my previous experiences.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            Miss Needle,

            I ordered this book from Amazon last year along with one of Sherry Yard's excellent books . I recieved Yard's book, but not this one.They sent me an email, saying that it was on back order, and never responded further to me. Frustrating.

            After you posted the other day, I logged on to Random House and ordered a copy. Two days later, it arrived. Thanks for the tip.

            Evil Ronnie

            1. re: Evil Ronnie

              Oh, I'm glad that you were able to purchase the book! It's really a treasure.

              DH kidded me about selling it on Ebay. Did you know that the most expensive offer I've seen on Amazon was $600? Are people nuts? But then again, I've been to a Star Trek auction where people paid thousands of dollars for a piece of styrofoam. So it all comes down to whether it's worth it for that person.

        2. If any one is interested in this book, it is available in its second printing.