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Marinating chicken in fridge 2 days--OK to eat?

I started marinating some chicken breasts last night, intending to grill them tonight. Our plans have changed and we will not be cooking at home tonight. Will the chicken be OK to cook tomorrow night, or should I freeze it now? TIA.

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  1. Cook them tomorrow and don't worry. How long did have them in the fridge after buying them?

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      I bought them late yesterday afternoon and started marinating them within an hour after I brought them home, so they should be OK. Thanks.

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        That will be no prob. Beyond that, you would want to freeze them, which makes for an easy thaw & grill without having to make a marinade.

    2. Depending on what they are soaking it they could be a mess tomorrow. Especially if there is acid in the marinade.

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        Acid in the marinade might make them tough. It sets the proteins and "cooks" without heat. Like the lime in ceviche.

      2. I've done this several times (oops, plans change) in several different marinades. No problem -- tastes delicious, and I've never had a texture problem either. good luck!

        1. To paraphrase Duke Ellington, if it smells good, it IS good.

          1. It'll be ok.

            My turn out a bit dry, but otherwise safe to eat.

            1. Safetywise they'll be fine, but depending on the marinade they could be quite strongly flavored - not necessarily a bad thing, but again, depends on the marinade.

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                Breast meat will not absorb too much so they should be okay. Dark meat will absorb the flavors much more readily, though, and will taste more of the marinade.

                If the marinade is highly acidic (vinegars and citrus), letting the meat sit too long will make it tough.

              2. Thanks, folks--they were fine.