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Aug 28, 2002 06:26 PM

Lunch - Jar, Pastis, Alex or Angelini Osteria?

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Any opinions on which is best? Cost no object - boss is buying! Thanks.

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  1. Osteria Angelini by a mile.

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    1. re: juny1cat

      I can't say that our experience was worthy of a repeat visit but I promised a well know food writer, TODAY at LUNCH that I would try it again so I'm hoping for the best, second time around. I never thought Vicente was incredible either, oh well? Alex was good but has been on a slide for the last couple of months,Jar is too loud and basic, how about La Cachette, Melisse or JOSIE(three of my favs)?

      1. re: russkar

        I must say I greatly prefer Angelini Osteria to all of those on the above list(s) except for Alex which I haven't tried.

        1. re: Lord Lipitor

          I hope your not including Josie, Melisse , La Cachette in that group? Angelini is not in the same stratosphere on it's best day.

          1. re: russkar

            Sorry but I am. While I like all the above places quite a bit, when you come down to it I'd rather eat like an Italian peasant than a French count. Obviously your mileage varies, as they say on the Internet.

        2. re: russkar

          La Cachette and Josie are 2 of my favorites. Melisse has the potential of being excellent but also has been known to cook its share of clinkers too. Angelini is too noisy, Jar charges big bucks for inexpensive albeit tasty ingredients, Alex is OK but for me not worth a drive from Marina Del Rey.

          1. re: Just Larry

            ALEX is OUT! My compadre in LA Food and Wine said it best, it doesn't have it! I wish it did because it was my idea to go there, now I'm going to suffer., a fate worse than death.

      2. If the boss is paying, the choice is simple: Alex. It is the most expensive by far and always gets rave reviews.

        Angelini Osteria is wonderful. Even more so because you can afford to eat there on your own dime.

        Jar is good if you want to eat pot roast.

        Pastis, while certainly pleasant, is not in the league of the others.

        1. You can't go wrong with Angelini. The quality certainly does not match the price at Alex, plus the dining room is hideus. The food is good at Jar, but not great. I don't know where Pastis is. Go to Angelini......

          1. If the boss is paying-- pick Alex. It is much more expensive than the rest and the chef is supposed to be talented. I haven't been yet.

            Pastis is not in the running.

            I love Angelini but I wouldn't waste free money on it. It is cheap enough to take yourself.

            Jar would be my second choice- good grilled items, good clams, wonderful green bean salad with salty ham and wild mushrooms.