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Apr 27, 2008 02:18 PM

Indian Shores/St. Pete restaurants?

We're heading to Indian Shores in a couple of weeks and looking forward to some really good fresh seafood. We also enjoy a good steak. Any ideas out there?
We're retired so don't want to pay $100 per meal since we eat out every night. Would appreciate any feedback.

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  1. Some of my favorites in that area which meet your price requirements are The Conch Republic (a couple of miles south on North Redington Beach), and Guppy's and Keegan's on Indian Rocks Beach (a mile or two north up the beach from Indian Shores). They are all good choices for mid-priced, casual, fresh seafood.

    There is also a little French gem called La Cachette on Indian Rocks Beach...they offer a lovely prix fixe menu with many choices in each category, and it's a BYOB with no corkage so you can really save if you're a wine drinker. The prix fixe 3-course dinner is $48, so you'd be right under the wire...but it is a VERY nice experience.

    I also like TJ's Italian Cafe on IRB. It's a nice, casual place to sit outside across the street from the beach and enjoy some relatively inexpensive tasty pizza and Italian dishes along with a cold brewski or glass of wine.

    A mile or so south of Indian Shores in Redington Shores, you will find a wonderful Thai restaurant called Talay Thai (right next to Shell's). If you enjoy Thai cuisine, you will love it. Try the creamy crab soup! The ambience is peaceful and relaxing, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

    For steak, the E&E Stakeout Grille just over the Belleair Causeway is nice (you will have to drive 3-4 miles north up the beach, turn right, and cross the intracoastal waterway, but it's not far). I really can't think of anywhere else nearby that is known for steaks....but whatever you do, steer clear of Brewmaster's Steakhouse at the Holiday Inn Harbourside complex in Indian Shores. It is abominable.

    What else...The Frog Pond on North Redington Beach (a couple of miles south of Indian Shores on Gulf Blvd.) has a terrific breakfast (creative and delicious omelets, fritattas and benedicts)...but be prepared to wait on the weekends.

    The Pub waterfront restaurant in Indian Shores also always seems to attract a big crowd, although I don't really see the appeal (other than the fact that you can dine while overlooking the intracoastal waterway, which IS nice). Still, I would be comfortable recommending the breakfast as long as you stay away from the buffet...there's something about nibbling your eggs benedict and sipping a mimosa while watching the pelicans dive and the fish jump. On the subject of restaurants doing big business serving mediocre food...people may try to direct you to Crabby Bill's or Shell's, but they are extremely touristy and do not impress me. Food preference is a subjective thing, your mileage my vary.

    I just took drive along the beaches today (and stopped for lunch at TJ's). :) I used to live on the beach in that area, and miss it so much. Enjoy your trip...I'm jealous!

    1. I second La Cachette and The Frog Pond. I also recommend Salt Rock Grill...some really great stuff and I've always had good service there.
      If you don't mind driving just a little bit, head north towards Sand Key and hit Columbia for wonderful Spanish and Cuban food. One of the best truly Florida meals you'll find in the area.
      My favorite restaurant without going into town is Patrick's Bayside Grill. It's in St Pete Beach so a little bit of a drive, but so, so worth it. Everything is wonderful, but the steak bruschetta and gorgonzola chicken are especially memorable. Extensive wine list, and you will see very few tourists there bc the place is normally loaded with locals who love good food.

      1. Our favorite when we want cheap good seafood is P.J.'s on Indian Rocks:
        We've been to Shell's and Crabby Bills - not impressed. Used to like Dockside Dave's, but we were dreadfully disappointed with our last meal there.

        Guppy's is good; haven't been to Keegan's, but will next time we're down. Have heard that Salt Rock is good, but haven't been there either.

        1. I "third" the votes for Guppy's and Keegan's. Guppy's is probably my favorite seafood joint in Pinellas County, in fact.

          I have not yet been, but have read great reviews of Bellair Grill (the former Pepper Mill) on S. Fort Harrison in Clearwater. That's not too far a jaunt for you, and the prices are supposed to be very reasonable. Anyone else on the board been there since its recent reincarnation? I might try to check it out this weekend.

          BTW--I've only been to E&E Steakout once, but was very disappointed. It's a sister restaurant of sorts to Guppy's, so maybe I need to give it another chance. But our experience was so uninspiring we've been hesitant to return.

          1. Kayedavid,

            I'd skip Salt Rock Grill completely. It used to be good but no more. It can also be very expensive if you don't watch it. The last time I ate there, the food was so salty it was inedible (8 separate appetizers and 6 different entrees). I'm a salt freak and even I couldn’t eat some of the dishes.

            Guppy’s is great and if you feel like a drive and you like smoked fish, you HAVE to try Ted Peters. Also search the Florida board for nearby towns. Some posters like Laurie, Joan, RibDog, rhnault have excellent taste and know the local joints well. I found Ted Peters through them! Good luck and enjoy.