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Apr 27, 2008 01:39 PM

texas de brazil????

this place is making it's debut soon in las vegas.

looks like HUGE portions!!!

anybody been here??? reviews??? thanks.:)

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  1. it's just another churrascaria...a bit late on the bandwagon for Las Vegas

    of the plethora of Brazilian "gaucho" meat/salad bar fests, Fogo de Chao usually stands head and shoulders above the rest

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    1. re: aelph

      Been there once. It's quite expensive for the overall quality that you recieve. The salad bar alone is thirty dollars a person (I had that the night we went since I wasn't in the mood to eat enormous amounts of meat, because that is essentially what you pay for.) My husband is a stout meat eater but most of it was cooked too rarely for him. The lamb was practically raw and every time the filet mignon came around it seemed to vanish before they ever got to our table. The complementary sweet plantain dish we recieved for dessert was outstanding however. Bottom line, I wouldn't recommend it. Especially in Vegas where there are so many fabulous places to eat.

    2. It's a fun place for a group, not great for a romantic evening. The salad bar is out of this world! Good luck finding a better one. The meat is really good, especially for the variety. If it comes out too rare for your taste, you can ask them to cook some more done for you. Go hungry, and you will leave very full. I think it's better than Fogo de Chao.

      I agree though that, for its price point, LV has much more to offer.

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        I have been to the one on Belt Line Road in Addison, Texas and think it is great. I took a friend of mine who says it was the best meal of his life. You can make a meal off the salad bar without eating the grilled meat. I know it is not every one's cup of tea, but I like it.

        Bigray in Ok

        1. re: Bigrayok

          I have been several times to the one in Addison, TX also. It's one of the finer Brazilan steakhouses. If I were in Vegas, it would not be one of the first restaurants I would chose just because there is so much more offered.

      2. I found this post looking to see which was better, Fogo de Chao or Texas de Brazil in Addison.. I'm going on June 13 for my Birthday. I've been to a cheaper version of the same concept called Master Grill or something like that in Denton, TX. and was half the price of these other 2.........I'm sure it'll be a good experience.. I'll let ya'll know how it goes...Does anyone know if there's a difference from the one in Uptown Dallas as oppose to the one in Addison. (Texas de Brazil). The one in Addison is closer but I like the way the one in uptown has the wrap around patio.