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Aug 28, 2002 03:02 PM

Coconut Milk Ice Cream at Renu Nakorn

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I went to this restaurant in Norwalk (per previous chowhound reviews) a little less than a week ago. And it was a great experience. Much better than Sanamluang and all those places in Thai-Town in East Hollywood, but don't know if it's better than Lotus of Siam since I've only tried the Lotus once. But for the stuff I tried at Renu was all excellent. I started off with the Isann-style fried beef jerky, which was great but a little on the excessively fatty side, one of the five pieces was almost 100% foot (though I was tempted to even eat that piece since I almost couldn't resist that delicious fried fat, but then again I got to watch out for the arteries). Next, as a main I tried the Burmese speciality of egg noodles in a coconut milk and chili broth with beef. Great stuff. Love those egg noodles and the slightly searing broth for me at least (i know, i wussed out at medium spiciness but that was enough for me). Although I didn't care for the chunks of beef in the broth really had no flavor and didn't seem to be off good quality, but I didn't care. It's all about the broth and egg noodles. (On a side note, is it possible to get this soupish broth without the beef or is already cooked in the broth, basically you have a choice between chicken or beef, so does that mean that they have one broth and then plop the beef or chicken into the broth, after the customer decided between beef or chicken). And for dessert finished off with the coconut milk ice cream, which was absolutely tremendous and delicious. Excellent stuff, It was loads better than the coconut ice cream I had at LOS in Las Vegas about a year and a half ago. Just the right consistency of creamyness to coconut chunks to an almost subdued sweetness. only 2 buckaroonies for a nice big scoop. as for the surroundings, they are nothing to write home about, just your average neighborhood, unpretentious Thai cafe decor. But what gastronomic treasures are heald within those premises. I defintiely recomend it and agree with the previous accolades. and don't miss out on that coconut ice cream.

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  1. Yeah, the coconut ice cream is good stuff, you don't want to be there when Russkar and I are in the house, there will be blood on the floor as we trample anything and anyhone in the way of our coconut ice cream.

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    1. re: chino wayne

      THAT DOES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've already made a pledge to myself, to LOCK you in YOUR car(like I should have done the first time I dragged you there) so you can watch through the window, what I do to the Coco Ice Cream(by myself) , after I wiped out 8 courses , like we did for LUNCH YESTERDAY with 3 friends. It was it's normal awesome, period! Just great Thai food, forget about distant SECOND , LOS in LV.

      1. re: russkar

        I think you two need a Thai time-out! Go stand in the corner, and no ice cream until you can behave!

        Russ, I bet a Thai place could do something really tasty with that ostrich top loin. Too bad Mother Nature didn't see fit to put Big Bird in Siam, or we might already be singing its praises.

    2. After reading some reviews below, I noticed that people seem to feel that only certain dishes -- such as the BBQ beef -- are excellent at Renu Nakorn. Since Norwalk is a mini-trek for me, can I get some recs on what to order (besides the coconut ice cream!)? Thanks.

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      1. re: Emma

        order the beef jerky as stated before. the thai-style chicken wings. and the crispy charbroiled whole catfish.

        1. re: kevin

          For those in the know, how's the pad-kee-mow at Renu Nakorn?