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Aug 28, 2002 11:14 AM

Bastide on Melrose

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Long and really interesting story in today's LA Times food section on the imminent opening of Bastide and the head chef, Alain Giraud by Russ Parsons. While you have to register for the site to see it online, this story alone will make it worth your while to do that or just buy today's paper. This will be one of those restaurants that will draw people from around the country and the world. Just the setting alone and the design and decorating of that setting are enough to make you want to go. It sounds like they are anticipating an opening on Sept. 16. The street address is 8475 Melrose Place, West Hollywood, (323)-651-0426. This is the old Le Restaurant, (and then the Manhattan Won Ton Company) space.

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  1. read today's article too, sounds so good, just what we need here. i hope it opens soon

    1. read today's article too, sounds so good, just what we need here. i hope it opens soon

      1. I'm concerned about all the Craziness that has taken 3 years to complete. Alain told me a year ago that he was opening in a minute, Maiter'd DONATO told me the same. I'm not sure that after they open anyone will really care(both are really nice people)? We may all be eating Soyent Green by the time they really open, in the year 2050?

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          Good point. I'm in the business and a lot of my friends are restauranteurs, i've never seen a restaurant take 3 years to open and stay open. Something going on with that. The Chef is a very nice guy, it seems though that the owner is a completely different personality. It should be very interesting to see the outcome...........Stay Tuned..............

          1. re: Jack

            You both may be right and the fact that they have taken this long to open means that things will never gel. But just the possibility of having a space this beautiful, with the kitchen talent they have put together turning out world class food, has got to get your juices flowing. But the proof will indeed be in the pudding, (or the creme brulee in this case).

            1. re: WLA

              I give it twenty months. This is not a good time to be opening a very expenive restaurant, especially with such an unpleasant investor calling the shots.

              1. re: Samo

                Unfortunately, i agree. I think ultra fine dining is over. The only way that i would pay those prices is if Keller or Ducasse were preparing my meal.

          2. re: russkar

            In Marina Del Rey, they have been remodeling the old Room Service space for a year and it is tiny. They have also been remodeling the old Scruffy O'Shea's space for over 2 years. As I recall, Josie's took quite some time to remodel also. I have enjoyed Alain's food at Citrus and Lavande and felt that the prices they were charging were fair. I do not think that his food is at a level that will bring top dollar. It also seems that with 2 people with such different visions, there will be no focus. If the owner berates the employees, morale and performance will be down. Probably high turn over too. I don't expect too much.