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Apr 27, 2008 12:36 PM

Lil' Baci...Leslieville's own Terroni??

Finally made my way over to Lil Baci last night..not sure why I am so lazy to only go to walk-able locations these days..perhaps it is the price of gas. In any case, I had been eager to try this place out and was feeling in a pizza mood, so hubby and I gave it a try. First of all, I have to say nice things about the servers - previous posts were less than positive. Our servers were sincerely friendly and seemed to know the menu quite well. I liked the clientelle too..some wee kiddies with parents, small groups of friends, people out on a date...the room was really pretty - high ceilings, exposed brick...not romantic per se, but cozy and inviting for sure. 3 beers on tap - 2/3 from Barrie (the Wheat beer was great!) was a little pricy, personally, I think a place like that should have a decent house red for about 7.00 per glass maximum. Cheapest was 8.00 I believe. I had the Chianti for 9.00, which was great but still more than I like to pay for a glass of wine.

Hubby and I split the antipasti platter (assorted cured meats, olives, parm.cheese, white beans with rosemary, roasted acorn squash and one other veg that escapes me at present - 15.00) We then split a pizza with tomato sauce and mini meatballs and spicy peppers - quite spicy! Crust was very thin, well cooked, great flavour. We actually didn't get through it all! (very nice for lunch today!)

I think the total bill was about 58.00 - quite comparable to most other casual places we go to (darn booze always adds up!) Next time we are craving a pizza and want to go out for it, we will certainly head back there! I just wish they had some great grilled calamari and that baked mushroom salad that Terroni has...then I'd go back every week!

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  1. Thanks for this! My wife and I keep saying we should give it a try when we go by on the streetcar. Will now.

    1. Lil Baci is great! I'm there about once every 2 weeks or so.
      Not sure what was mentioned before about the service but I've only ever had very friendly and knowledgeable servers.

      The gnocchi is fantastic! We normally split that and one of their many pizzas and a salad. I think they're prices are really reasonable and the atmosphere is great too!

      1. I have only good things to say, also.
        Love the antipasti!
        Agree with the high booze price comment, but it is offset by the reasonable prices otherwise.
        Anyone tried their desserts? (I haven't)

        1. Went to L'il Baci last night to check it out. It was pretty good. I'd definitely go back for their pizzas. I made the mistake of ordering the Quattro Staggioni without realizing that theirs changes all the time so I didn't get what I expected, but it was good. Their desserts and coffee weren't anything special, so next time I'd go to either Mercury or Tango Palace for a coffee afterward. Very similar to Terroni, great service.

          1. Great news. Moving to the east end this month and am looking for new restos ... psyched to try this place