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Apr 27, 2008 12:12 PM

Memphis breakfast / brunch

We will be staying at the Hampton Inn (I-240 at Perkins Road) for a family get-together in a few days. I was wondering whether there is any place nearby for a good breakfast or early brunch. I read about some place a while ago (don't remember the name anymore) but they were closed Mondays, which is the day I'm talking about, as chance would have it. If there were a really good bakery or something in the area another option would be to run out and bring stuff back to eat at the hotel to supplement the breakfast included in the room rate. I understand the hotel is flexible about letting guests bring in their own food.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Memphis lacks a good bakery, especially pastries. There's a decent one downtown on main called Blues City Pastries, but it's a good 15 minutes one way from where you are staying. Brother Juniper's in the University of Memphis area is great, but sit-down. My favorite is Bryants on Summer at Graham for a great country breakfast. You can get takeout ham (or other) biscuits that are likely to be the best you've eaten. Both are 10-15 minutes away. All should be open on Monday.

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      I'll second tater's rec for Bryant's. If I'm anywhere close to Memphis at breakfast time, I will always go there, even with gas at $3.50 a gallon. The country ham, egg and cheese biscuit is about as good as food gets. If you are really hungry and don't have to do anything the rest of the day, go with the sampler platter- 3 eggs any style, 3 biscuits, grits, gravy, and a sampling of ham, bacon and sausage- you *will* need a nap afterward!

      It's too much to eat but too good to stop...

    2. I posted a reply yest. - do not see it now- but wanted to clarify the location anyway. There is a new place called SHalom Bistro and Bakery not too far from where you are staying. They open at 7 A.M. and have yummy pastries and breads, in addition to a home cooking lunch menu, at night a different chef is there who has a more upscale but not super expensive menu.
      To get there from your hotel, take 240 East to exit 16- /385 Bill Morris Pkwy , then the second exit- Kirby road- north-, Turn left at the first light, the bakery is in the strip mall behind the Exxon on the right. It is back in the corner, next to the pizza joint. Enjoy your reunion !

      1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I've shared them with my sister to consider.

        We were wondering whether anyone knows whether a place called Winchester Farmer's Market is still open. I think it's supposed to be located near Shalom Bakery that memphischix mentioned. They don't seem to answer their phone. Also, assuming they are still open, does anyone know if you can eat there, or is it only for take-out?

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          Yes it is still open, but it is more like a grocery store than a place you would eat. Still, it is very interesting, and very much worth seeing- and it is just down Kirby from Shalom Bakery.

          Also, in the same shopping center as Shalom Bakery there is an Indian restaurant that is very good- I ate there last night and it was very enjoyable. I know it isn't a breakfast place, but who knows- if you have some spare time, check it out!