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Apr 27, 2008 11:53 AM

Help Hosting Family Reunion Dinner in Ginza

My husband, nephew, and I are traveling to Japan at the end of May for vacation. My husband has family (aunts, cousins, etc.) who live in Tokyo. The last time we visited was about three years ago and two different cousins hosted us to two different dinners at Tokyo restaurants. We would like to return the favor during this trip by hosting all the family to a dinner. There will probably be about ten of us, ranging in age from 14 to 74 years old. We are staying in Ginza so we are thinking of trying to find someplace near there but also realize that it might be one of the most expensive areas. We would like to spend approximately 5000 to 10000 yen per person, including drinks. We will also look to be hiring an interpreter since we speak very little Japanese and they speak very little English, so any recommendations in this area would also be most welcome.

Is the price range realistic for a nice dinner? Any recommendations on where to go?

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  1. Hey Jensha,

    One thing to help clarify your request: What do you mean by "nice dinner"? (since it's all relative.)

    A nice authentic, down-to-earth dinner at a fairly modest (but nice) Izakaya or Robata-Yaki or Yakiniku place could work in your price range. Or, if you're looking for something more like "fancy French, Italian" or Kaiseki or Banquet-style (dressed to the tees), that would affect the recommendations you'd get as well.

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      We are looking more for a nice authentic, down-to-earth dinner at a fairly modest (but nice) place serving Japanese cuisine.

    2. Perhaps you could give us an idea of the appropriate level if you remember the names of the places where the cousins took you out.

      Offhand I'd say that EN in Shiodome is an excellent mid-level entertainment spot. If there are ten of you you can get a private room looking out over Ginza. The food is reliably very good, service is consistently competent (which is not as common as you might expect), and the decor is stunning. There's even an English menu, or you can pre-order at a certain price level if you want to simplify things. In my experience it's rare for the bill to come to more than Y8000 or Y9000 per person even ordering a lot of food and drink.

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        One family member hosted us to dinner at Senbazuru at the New Otani Hotel and another family member hosed us to dinner at a fairly formal chinese restaurant. I imagine that Senbazuru was quite expensive and we will not be able to match it.