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Looking for the best Mac and Cheese in Baltimore

I thought my quest was over, as I discovered what I believed to be the best Mac and Cheese in Baltimore, at Night of the Cooker. Alas, chef Joshau Hill is gone and so is his recipe. Any suggestions for a replacement?

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  1. Does the Sobo Cafe have Mac and Cheese? They may change their menu frequently. I thougth they had Mac and Cheese with melted chocolate at Jack's - watch the prices.....Wonder if that new Woodbury Kitchen has mac and cheese...

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      SoBo Cafe has an excellent mac and cheese and it is always on the menu. The cook has moved on to Clementine in Hamilton and taken the dish with him. It does have a few canned tomatoes in it. Impressed Cafe downtown does a great mac and cheese fairly regularly as part of their lunch special including a wonderful rendition spiked with ham and bacon.

    2. I just had the Mac and Cheese as a side at Mamas on the Half Shell, it was very tasty.

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        I've had Mama's version before too and liked it a lot.

        The Wine Market does one with aged cheddar that's very good, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a place for a full meal. The menu isn't bad, but not really inspiring for the price either. Sometimes the mac and cheese is available for $3 at happy hour at the bar, and that's well worth it.

      2. "Best Mac & Cheese" is such a highly subjective position that I will avoid it.

        A very interesting version of the dish is the Mac Cheese & Chocolate at Jack's Bistro in Canton.

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          It is subjective... Maybe I should be a little more descriptive. While I love Jacks, chocolate has no place in mac and cheese. Want something savory, preferably without any additions (i.e. peas, bacon, truffle oil, etc.)

        2. 3 very good versions of Mac and cheese in Baltimore:
          1. Iggie's Pizza - hint of herbs de provence add a nice touch
          2. Birches- gooey cheesy yummy
          3. Timothy Dean- so decadent with truffle oil and lobster. Pricey but worth it!

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            Went to Birches only to find out that they rolled out their summer menu the day before and mac and cheese was taken off. I was one day late :(
            Ended up ordering the half spinach salad and the wood fired shrimp over cheddar grits with black bean sauce. The salad was very affordable comsidering the size and quality($6). Had a really nice onion lemony dressing and was topped with chili infused popcorn and grilled halloumi cheese. It was a 10! The shrimp had a nice flavor but were a little overcooked. The cheddar grits, however, were perfect and almost made me forget the mac and cheese I so desired.
            Look forward to returning here again!

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              love the food at birches, however was not so impressed with the mac and cheese, looks wonderful but our order was lacking some taste. I felt even more guilty partaking when it wasn't all that I though it would be...would try again in the winter, they could have had an off night...

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                I had that same salad there... it's DELICIOUS!

            2. I'm a big fan of the mac and cheese at One World. It's a baked mac and cheese, with gouda and cheddar, and breadcrumbs on top.

              1. Had the mac and cheese at Alabama BBQ in Lauraville? this past weekend. Was very good (9/10) but not quite perfect because the top crust was a little hard. Liked the cheese blend though. Thought I caught a taste of swiss in it.
                On another note, their pineapple slaw was great, really refreshing. Pulled Pork BBQ was solid but the hot sauce needed some more heat. Tasted more like mild to me.

                1. The best mac 'n cheese I've eaten was at Mimi's Cafe in Columbia (it's worth the drive--about 18 minutes from the 695/I-95 exchange. Unfortunately, according to the management of the restaurant, it's a seasonal item, usually available in the winter months. But, it was so good my eyes rolled up in my head.

                  I've tried the lobster mac 'n cheese at Oceannaire which was okay. I guess I'm a "purist" and believe that exceptional mac 'n cheese doesn't need to be dressed up with fancy ingredients making it an expensive side item. Foigras

                  1. A topic dear to my heart- Mac and cheese!
                    Here are my places of preference if I'm not making it at home:
                    Johns Hopkins Club
                    Rocket to Venus
                    Iggie's (somewhat surprising since it's really a pizza joint)
                    Darker than Blue

                    1. Mama's on the half shell

                      1. Donna's in Charles Village..their three-cheese (fontina, asiago, and parmesan) mac and cheese with cavatappi pasta & truffle oil is delicious!