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Aug 28, 2002 09:39 AM

looking for best sandwich(s) in orange county.

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a really great sandwich is something you find yourself craving all the time. while LA probably kicks oc to the floor with sandwich places i was wondering where are the great sandwich places in oc and what's their best?

my favorite sandwiches are:

the fake turkey with avocado at jan's health bar on main street in hb.

the veggie or eggsalad at banana cabana.

the pastrami at arnie's manhattan (sp) on south bristol by the 73 overpass (my fav. deli in oc)

the footlong sub at lucci's on adams and magnolia (it's old school; easily 14 inches long; comes in a plastic bag and you have to beg for extra dressing and peppers... but i grew up on these.

any of the tortas at taco mesa (multiple locations)

there's a small place on the southwest corner of beach and talbert it's a burger/sandwich/fry joint i'm so mad that i forgot the name, but they make a great pastrami!

i'd also love to find a place with a great monte cristo.

list 'em below please ;)

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  1. Banh Mi in Westminster/Garden Grove (Little Saigon)! I'm just starting to work my way through various places in search of the best one, but right now the leader is Lee's Sandwiches (9261 Bolsa). Fresh baked bread, fresh crispy vegetables, fresh cooked meats - incredible.

    And incredibly cheap, too. I had lunch there on Monday: 1 Banh Mi Xa Xiu (#6, BBQ pork to me 'cause I could never pronounce that properly - I'd probably end up ordering something like "bat fur"), 2 goi cuon (shrimp and pork "summer" rolls with peanut sauce), and a cafe sua da (iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk). The total bill was $4.25.

    The sandwich was awesome: flavorful, tender BBQ pork, a light crispy roll, a slight touch of homemade mayo, and crunchy jalapeno peppers, carrots, onions and cilantro. Most sandwiches are only $1.50, and meatier "European" sandwiches with various combinations of cold cuts go for $2.00.

    Only downer for me was the coffee - way too sweet. Killed my appetite for that choco taco in the freezer case that I was eyeing. But I picked up a box of fresh mooncakes for later in the evening.

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      I have three favorites in laguna beach:

      The veggie avocado sandwich at The Stand is amazing (thalia and PCH)

      The turkey avo sandwich with an oatmeal cookie at the Orange Inn on PCH

      And, not really a sandwich but still really good is the blackend mushroom tofu burger at taco loco (close to orange inn on PCH)

      1. DeSimone's on Edinger @ Goldenwest (Home Expo center) for cuban sandwich, and great sub sandwiches. They bake their own rolls, and serve that Italian pickled veggie salad as a side. Definitely one of the best sandwiches in Huntington Beach, if not in all of OC.