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Apr 27, 2008 11:07 AM


Anybody been to new Indian resto "Mela" on Avenue Rd North of Lawrence

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  1. Not yet. I'd rather they settle this little matter first.


      We had takeout from them two weeks ago as well, and it was still as reported (good).

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      1. re: gimel

        i was at the mela last week. we had butter chicken, lamb chop, potato and cauliflower, and lamb korma. every one was very pleased. certainly will go back there again.

        1. re: mmdk

          We pick up from there weekly-very good naan, chicken vindaloo, butter chicken, lamb chops and samosas. The owner Sammy is a nice guy who works his but off. My kids can't get enough of the naan and butter chicken sauce!!

          1. re: robb

            Had take out once when they first opened and really enjoyed it. Butter chicken was what I remember the most and crave again. I did find the take out really pricey but then I have not had Indian takeout from anywhere else so perhaps it is the norm for Indian food?!?

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        1. My husband and I are there at least one a month! We love all the dishes - butter chicken is the best we've had. We also like the vegetarian and tandoori dishes. The prices are reasonable, and the portions are a good size. The decor and service are also excellent. We highly recommend it!

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