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Aug 27, 2002 11:18 PM

Tioga Mini Mart

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My friend and I stopped at the Tioga Moble Mini Mart on our way to Tahoe this past week. I had seen a posting on this board regarding this place a little while back. It was "All That" and more! The Lobster taquitos with green tomatillo sauce, black beans and side salad were outstanding. The Buffalo meat loaf with garlic mashed potatos and noodles was very tasty! I surprised my friend by stopping at a gas station for dinner. He was so impressed he made sure our return trip was through Lee Vining. He had the Lobster taquitos this time and I had the Grilled White Sea Bass with a spicy orange cilantro sauce, potato salad and noodles. Mashed potatos and potato salad nothing to write home about but we can't wait for a return trip to the Mini Mart! The chocolate cake with raspberry and mango topping was also very good. We highly recommend you stop by if you can.

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  1. Is this Tioga mini mart in Lee Vining? or ?

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    1. re: Diane

      It's less than a quarter mile south of Lee Vining, but it's not on 395, but on SR 120 (the road to Yosemite) just a minute west of 395. It's still less than 3 minutes drive from Lee Vining and definitely worth stopping for. The fish tacos are also highly recommended.

      1. re: Risa

        it used to be (and maybe still is?) called the Whoa Nellie Deli...see below, and yes, the fish tacos are the best!