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Apr 27, 2008 09:26 AM

Anyone tried Andiamo in Silver Lake?

Andiamo is a new pizza joint on Sunset, in the mini-mall where Manilla Sun is/was.

Any reports? It looks like more of a take-out place than eat-in. The menu touts organic ingredients and delivery by gas-saving Vespas. With the recent glut of pizza places in S. L., will this one make it?

2815 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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  1. went there for the first time last Sunday with a medium size group. ordered three pizzas -- one w/no cheese as we had vegans among us, the margherita (my fave) and the greek pizza. service was wonderful. we would all go back again.

    1. I had read great reviews of the pizza here... I was psyched as Andiamo is within walking distance. Having since tried it twice, I suspect the reviews were written by the staff. Some of the most bland "New York" pizza I've had in L.A. This is more akin to mediocre frozen than NY pizza. There were no bubbles in the crust, which appeared pressed rather than hand thrown and not nearly thin enough. The cheese was tasteless as was the sauce. Thoroughly unimpressed and I won't return.

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        just ordered a pizza and panini from them last night to give it a shot.... I totally agree w/above review. Bland. Cardboard, flavorless crust; just like the frozen pizzas from 20 years ago, sausage that tasted like nothing (which I didn't know was possible).. The panini was overbearing w/too many sun-dried tomato's, that drowned out all other flavors. They make a big deal out of delivering on Vespa's, but my food showed up in a passat wagon with a delivery woman w/an apathetic bad attitude. Very dissapointed. I was really hoping for something more.