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Apr 27, 2008 09:17 AM

anyone been to Kotobuki lately?

anyone been to Kotobuki lately? (Feb/Mar/Apr 2008)

any comments appreciated!

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  1. I was there this past December and it was great and cheap as usual. I think it's as good as it's ever been

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      Went last night and it was very good. And a refreshingly welcoming staff attitude compared to the arrogantly shabby treatment downstairs at Makoto where I saw two distinguished but frail seniors instructed to de-shoe in the foyer without a chair when they could hardly stand, and the cop-hostess passed the sweater of a guy with a Japanese woman and flunked someone else in a neat coat that was not a sportjacket. And the ten at opening time were made to stand in the rain until the nearby church bell struck 6. It made upstairs all the nicer to patronize. The rolls were nicely constructed, and tasty too. I wouldn't call it cheap, it's on par with other places...but cheaper than Makoto.

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        wow, you saw all this while you were eating upstairs?

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          Yup--I came downstairs at 2 minutes to six after dinner and wanted to see the Makoto Experience, so walked in with the wet waiting crowd to take a look as they were greeted and seated. I figure I can afford three nice dinners upstairs for what I'm going to save not eating downstairs.

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            Well, Makoto has always been quirky. The chef won't give you extra wasabi but you don't go there for the sushi anyway. The restaurant is positively tiny, and the foyer isn't really big enough for anyone to sit down. I can see that they would keep guests outside even if it's raining since Japanese are very punctual. As for being turned away, I don't recall Makoto having a dress code. It may be that they didn't have reservation. I use to go there quite often when I lived in G'town.