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Apr 27, 2008 08:58 AM

Myrtle Beach, SC - OK Hounds - Lets update the rec's for MB

We are going to MB this summer with the family on vacation - now there are teens involved.....have not been there in 5 years.

So - - the threads on the Board are kind of stale......

Need an update:

Best Place on the Beach to eat & watch the crowds at lunch or water at night

Best Burgers

Best Wings

Best BBQ

Best Seafood (reasonably priced)

Best Steak (resonably priced)

Best Entertainment while Eating

Best Ice Cream

Best Pizza.....


Oh - I need to mention - I know not all of Myrtle Beach is Smoke Free - -so really want those places that respect Non-Smokers right to a pleasant meal !!!!

& Yes we will have a car - - staying the Central Strand area this time for the teens - ( God help me (8-> !! )


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  1. Ha Ha - OK -
    well I guess no one eats in Myrtle Beach - -LOL - (8-> !!

    Maybe I should try closer to my actual vacation date.....

    1. Hi. I have lived in this area for 30 years but don't necessarily go where most tourists go. Best pizza is California Pizza. There is no great bbq in actual myrtle beach..have to go to pawleys island for that. don't eat wings or ice cream out. Painters ice cream is a good spot,'s homemade. There is one in North Myrtle Beach. There aren't many places on the ocean except the Sea Captain's House...really good place for seafood and view. Go for lunch or early dinner to see. Let me give it some more thought and I'll respond with more at a later date. good luck.

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      1. re: joni mae

        Steak--Angelo's--I realize that is a surprise since it is an Italian restaurant with a buffet. But, theri steaks are tender, juicy, and flavorful.

        Seafood--Sea Captain's House

        1. re: joni mae

          I was starting to think no one ATE out in Myrtle Beach .....ha ha !

          I read somewhere that there are also nice places down in Murrells Inlet or the Pawley Islands area?

        2. E Noodles
          Collectors Cafe
          Sea Blue
          Benny Rapas
          Gordon Biersch (mispelled)
          The Italian Place at Market Commons (just opened old Air Force Base)
          Divine Fish House (sushi)
          Prossers BBQ
          Calabash Seafood Hut
          Sea Captain's House
          Franks and Frank's Outback
          Louis's Fish Camp
          New York Prime

          On your list:

          Burgers: River City

          On Water: Marsh Walk Restaurants in Murrells Inlet: Creek Ratz and Dead Dog. Divine Fish House and Bovines are also good. Sea Captain's House is oceanfront and is very good. Bumz is oceanfront and not bad.

          Best Place to People Watch: Gordon Biersch. Everyone and I mean everyone in town is there just about every night. Market Common reminds me a lot of Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale.

          Best Wings: Still looking. If you find them let me know.

          Best BBQ: Prossers which is also the best buffet. All homemade and includes fried chicken, collards, mac & cheese, local fried oysters and shrimp, fried flounder, mashed potatoes & gravy, etc.

          Best Seafood Reasonably Priced: See above answer

          Best Steak Reasonably Priced: Outback Steakhouse. Who else in the world has their buying power?

          Best Entertainment While Eating: Bella Napoli the first Friday of every month when U N I play. Fantastic jazz band all professors at Coastal Carolina University. Their drummer also plays with Keith Urban's band.

          Best Ice Cream: Painters or The Yum Yum Shop in Garden City

          Best Pizza: We don't have New York Style so Ultimate California Pizza.

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          1. re: BlueHerons

            Basil's in Cherry Grove has good pizza too.
            We eat in Murrell's Inlet almost everynight
            I like Lee's Inlet Kitchen and Dockside the best.Dockside also has piano player.
            I love Sea Captain's house for breakfast.
            I like Painters for Ice cream
            Five Guys for Burgers
            I think there are alot of good places in MB but I don't really know what reasonable is to you.
            check out
            for everything you would ever want to know about MB.

            1. re: LaLa

              2nd the Gordon & Biersch - Support Craft Beer! And I know it's a chain but the Wild Wings @ Boardwalk has been on top of their game the few times I've been. And Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse remains excellent, Liberty for Beer & Burgers. Abuelo's for upscale Mexican is good also -

              1. re: Raised on Q

                I did not like Rioz except for their salad bar. Except for the filet, I found it to be cheap cuts of meat.

                The skewer the meat, roll it in salt, then stick it on a conveyer belt grill. Weird dining concept.

                I had a meat hangover and didn't really eat that much. Also, our tab was $250 for three people for three dinners, two deserts, and two glasses of wine each.

                It wasn't expensive for what you got but I've just had better and will not be back.

            2. re: BlueHerons

              Where is The Yum Yum Shop? What kind of ice cream?

              1. re: BlueHerons

                Best Wings Fat Jacks look them up online i dont think its right in myrtle but very close

              2. Carolina Roadhouse on N. Kings Highway has excellent beef ribs and as good a steak as you'll find around MB. We eat there at least once every trip down to MB.

                1. Burgers - River City Cafe. Overrated, but unfortunalely I haven't found a better one yet.

                  Ice Cream - Kohrs, at Barefoot Landing. Pricey, but better than Kirk's or Painters, family & friends all agree. Honorable mention to Goodberry's or Ben & Jerry's, both at Broadway.

                  Wings - still looking. Overtime was OK, I guess.

                  BBQ - never tried Prossers. Last time in MB we tried Little Pigs, a hole in the wall on Highway 17, about a mile or 2 north of Broadway. We thought it was excellent, for an eat in lunch or a take out dinner. I was with some BBQ fans and everybody gave this place "thumbs up".

                  Pizza - it's not exactly as good as we'd find at home, but Benito's, on 17 about a mile north of Barefoot Landing, has a reasonably decent version of a NY pie, and they had some other decent dishes as well. Stay away from the place at Broadway which has "New York Pizza" in the name. It stinks.

                  Seafood - we actually like Landry's, or Bonefish Grill, if we don't want to drive down to Murrell's Inlet. Bovine's or Divine Fish House are both good.

                  Breakfast - Akels, by far. Honorable mention: Caroline's. Lot's of the pancake houses are good. Dino's or Plantation are both fine.

                  Other places we liked are Benny Rappa, Umberto's (at Barefoot Landing, for the osso buco), T-Bonz.

                  Most overrated: Sea Captain's House