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Myrtle Beach, SC - OK Hounds - Lets update the rec's for MB

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We are going to MB this summer with the family on vacation - now there are teens involved.....have not been there in 5 years.

So - - the threads on the Board are kind of stale......

Need an update:

Best Place on the Beach to eat & watch the crowds at lunch or water at night

Best Burgers

Best Wings

Best BBQ

Best Seafood (reasonably priced)

Best Steak (resonably priced)

Best Entertainment while Eating

Best Ice Cream

Best Pizza.....


Oh - I need to mention - I know not all of Myrtle Beach is Smoke Free - -so really want those places that respect Non-Smokers right to a pleasant meal !!!!

& Yes we will have a car - - staying the Central Strand area this time for the teens - ( God help me (8-> !! )


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  1. Ha Ha - OK -
    well I guess no one eats in Myrtle Beach - -LOL - (8-> !!

    Maybe I should try closer to my actual vacation date.....

    1. Hi. I have lived in this area for 30 years but don't necessarily go where most tourists go. Best pizza is California Pizza. There is no great bbq in actual myrtle beach..have to go to pawleys island for that. don't eat wings or ice cream out. Painters ice cream is a good spot, though...it's homemade. There is one in North Myrtle Beach. There aren't many places on the ocean except the Sea Captain's House...really good place for seafood and view. Go for lunch or early dinner to see. Let me give it some more thought and I'll respond with more at a later date. good luck.

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        Steak--Angelo's--I realize that is a surprise since it is an Italian restaurant with a buffet. But, theri steaks are tender, juicy, and flavorful.

        Seafood--Sea Captain's House

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          I was starting to think no one ATE out in Myrtle Beach .....ha ha !

          I read somewhere that there are also nice places down in Murrells Inlet or the Pawley Islands area?

        2. E Noodles
          Collectors Cafe
          Sea Blue
          Benny Rapas
          Gordon Biersch (mispelled)
          The Italian Place at Market Commons (just opened old Air Force Base)
          Divine Fish House (sushi)
          Prossers BBQ
          Calabash Seafood Hut
          Sea Captain's House
          Franks and Frank's Outback
          Louis's Fish Camp
          New York Prime

          On your list:

          Burgers: River City

          On Water: Marsh Walk Restaurants in Murrells Inlet: Creek Ratz and Dead Dog. Divine Fish House and Bovines are also good. Sea Captain's House is oceanfront and is very good. Bumz is oceanfront and not bad.

          Best Place to People Watch: Gordon Biersch. Everyone and I mean everyone in town is there just about every night. Market Common reminds me a lot of Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale. http://www.marketcommonmb.com/

          Best Wings: Still looking. If you find them let me know.

          Best BBQ: Prossers which is also the best buffet. All homemade and includes fried chicken, collards, mac & cheese, local fried oysters and shrimp, fried flounder, mashed potatoes & gravy, etc.

          Best Seafood Reasonably Priced: See above answer

          Best Steak Reasonably Priced: Outback Steakhouse. Who else in the world has their buying power?

          Best Entertainment While Eating: Bella Napoli the first Friday of every month when U N I play. Fantastic jazz band all professors at Coastal Carolina University. Their drummer also plays with Keith Urban's band.

          Best Ice Cream: Painters or The Yum Yum Shop in Garden City

          Best Pizza: We don't have New York Style so Ultimate California Pizza.

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            Basil's in Cherry Grove has good pizza too.
            We eat in Murrell's Inlet almost everynight
            I like Lee's Inlet Kitchen and Dockside the best.Dockside also has piano player.
            I love Sea Captain's house for breakfast.
            I like Painters for Ice cream
            Five Guys for Burgers
            I think there are alot of good places in MB but I don't really know what reasonable is to you.
            check out funbeaches.com
            for everything you would ever want to know about MB.

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              2nd the Gordon & Biersch - Support Craft Beer! And I know it's a chain but the Wild Wings @ Boardwalk has been on top of their game the few times I've been. And Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse remains excellent, Liberty for Beer & Burgers. Abuelo's for upscale Mexican is good also -

              1. re: Raised on Q

                I did not like Rioz except for their salad bar. Except for the filet, I found it to be cheap cuts of meat.

                The skewer the meat, roll it in salt, then stick it on a conveyer belt grill. Weird dining concept.

                I had a meat hangover and didn't really eat that much. Also, our tab was $250 for three people for three dinners, two deserts, and two glasses of wine each.

                It wasn't expensive for what you got but I've just had better and will not be back.

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              Where is The Yum Yum Shop? What kind of ice cream?

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                Best Wings Fat Jacks look them up online i dont think its right in myrtle but very close

              2. Carolina Roadhouse on N. Kings Highway has excellent beef ribs and as good a steak as you'll find around MB. We eat there at least once every trip down to MB.

                1. Burgers - River City Cafe. Overrated, but unfortunalely I haven't found a better one yet.

                  Ice Cream - Kohrs, at Barefoot Landing. Pricey, but better than Kirk's or Painters, family & friends all agree. Honorable mention to Goodberry's or Ben & Jerry's, both at Broadway.

                  Wings - still looking. Overtime was OK, I guess.

                  BBQ - never tried Prossers. Last time in MB we tried Little Pigs, a hole in the wall on Highway 17, about a mile or 2 north of Broadway. We thought it was excellent, for an eat in lunch or a take out dinner. I was with some BBQ fans and everybody gave this place "thumbs up".

                  Pizza - it's not exactly as good as we'd find at home, but Benito's, on 17 about a mile north of Barefoot Landing, has a reasonably decent version of a NY pie, and they had some other decent dishes as well. Stay away from the place at Broadway which has "New York Pizza" in the name. It stinks.

                  Seafood - we actually like Landry's, or Bonefish Grill, if we don't want to drive down to Murrell's Inlet. Bovine's or Divine Fish House are both good.

                  Breakfast - Akels, by far. Honorable mention: Caroline's. Lot's of the pancake houses are good. Dino's or Plantation are both fine.

                  Other places we liked are Benny Rappa, Umberto's (at Barefoot Landing, for the osso buco), T-Bonz.

                  Most overrated: Sea Captain's House

                  1. I'll have to disagree with the Sea Captains House as being overrated. I think its great!

                    Also, its a great place for lunch or breakfast.

                    1. Wow, Myrtle Beach, never seen anything quite like it. Spent 4 nights in North Myrtle with side jaunts to Myrtle proper and Calabash, NC.

                      The concentration of chain restaurants and buffets here is unreal. Like something out of a parody. I was taken aback. Based on what I read here I avoided the buffets and such--a friend in a different group of kids went to Calabash Seafood Buffet and didn't speak kindly of the experience..

                      A quick report on the spots I chanced upon. Nothing I ate was that great but it felt regionally authentic.

                      South of the Border - Not in Myrtle at all but something of a tradition for those on a college road trip. My previous visit on a road trip down to Miami a couple years ago included an 8 am foot long chili dog and lots and lots of fireworks. This time, the "salad bar." Wow, talk to about terrible.

                      Rockefeller's Raw Bar, N. Myrtle Beach - Not really a raw bar in truth, more a seafood shack. Quality of the ingredients was rather low and the garlic-butter mussels I had weren't that great. Fries way too greasy. My attempt at moules frites was pretty much a failure. I didn't mind the chumbo or my friend's steamed oysters, however.

                      Casa Villa, Little River - This place actually wasn't that bad for a generic Mexican restaurant. Great cinco de Mayo specials--Can you say $1 draft Dos Equis? I can. Repeatedly.---and one of the better plates of carnitas I've ever had. I'm a hardcore Mexican food fan so this place was a pleasant surprise. Mole was a bit boring but serviceable. My friends' combo plates were less inspiring. Recommended overall.

                      The Seafood Hut and Dockside restaurants, Calabash, NC - Ate at these places back to back to compare. Had a large seafood platter at the former and a small at the latter. I think I preferred the batter /frying at Dockside; my plate was just tastier. I did find the quality of the seafood to be of a marginally higher quality at the Seafood Hut, however. Were these places good? No, but they have a certain Americana appeal that was pleasing.

                      River City Cafe, Myrtle Beach - Not a bad burger spot for a fast food-style burger. Thin patty, fine grind, cooked on the flat top. I would've really liked this place if it was right on the beach and overlooking the water. Overall, fine, I'd go if I was in the area but I wouldn't seek it out.

                      E Noodles & Co. - Strange name. Did they just add the "E" to avoid copyright infringement? Anyway, dropped in here for a late lunch. Not all that great but it looked a lot better than the China Woks and Hunan Palaces we saw. My red curry, ordered spicy, was anything but, but at least it was relatively tasty. Not bad with a 22 oz Sapporo after a morning on the beach.

                      Plantation - Standard pancake house. Not really a huge pancake fan so I made my own meal of sides--an over-easy egg, some crispy hashbrowns, and a bowl of sausage gravy. Can't really mess up the first two items so there's not a lot to say. The sausage gravy was incredibly thick, wayyyy too much starch in the roux and light on the sausage but I can't say it was awful. I used only a couple tablespoons of the bowl due to the thickness but was able to put together a relatively serviceable breakfast.

                      Oh, Myrtle. Not really my scene but worth seeing once, I suppose.

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                      1. re: BryanZ

                        the Southern End is completely different in my opinion. It is more laid back beachtown instead of chains and shiny.

                      2. Somebody help me out: is the place in Murrell's Inlet with the peanut shells all over the floor the "River City Cafe?" I took my teen son and nephew there over Christmas and they loved it - good burgers and fun times tossing peanut shells. Go in the off hours - it gets crazy packed. Be prepared to stand in line every night for dinner anywhere you go in Murrell's Inlet. go early or late - seriously.

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                          River City Cafe is the place with good burgers and peanuts, but it is in downtown Myrtle Beach, at least it was last year when I was there.

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                            Oops--sorry--there are actually 5 locations now--NMB, Surfside Beach and Murrels Inlet also.

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                              river city cafe is also in murrells inlet.

                            2. Down Highway 17 heading south is a group of shops called the Hammock Shops. Louis's is there and it is fabulous. Louis OSteen was one of the early chefs taking part in the food revival in Charleston but now lives in Pawleys Island. Lunch is less expensive. Mojitos (not really Southen) but great. Yeast rolls, fresh vegetables in the summer. Meat and 3 carried to a new level. Frank's at Pawleys Island also on Hwy 17 is fantastic. They don't do lunch. Louis's does lulnch and dinner

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                                Louis's is closed. Louis closed shop o concentrate on his outpost in Las Vegas. It's now High Hammock. Haven't been, but heard great things.

                                1. re: ReggieL.

                                  Actually Louis is out of Vegas,,,,he has landed in Florida.

                                  1. re: LaLa

                                    LaLa, do you happen to know if Louis is back in business, and if so, where?

                                    1. re: Cpt Wafer

                                      South Seas Island Resort in Captiva Island, Florida

                                        1. re: LaLa

                                          Been to Captiva many times. Know exactly where he is. Thanks for the quick reply and the link, too. Please keep us posted should you hear other news about Louis. I'm jonesin' for some of his grits.

                                          1. re: Cpt Wafer

                                            that's near the Mucky Duck on the Beach in Captiva ,also a very good spot

                                            1. re: big1515

                                              Been to the Mucky Duck as well. Great spot for a cold Bass and a beautiful sunset. Is Victor still regaling the patrons?

                                              1. re: Cpt Wafer

                                                We eat lunch there and had many pitchers of brew on the beach waiting for the ''flash @ sun set ..Never saw it . Somebody did speak to us ,but do not remember a name ..

                                            2. re: Cpt Wafer

                                              Louis is no longer with Captiva. I would elaborate but when I elaborated about Marlene, my posts were removed.

                                              1. re: BlueHerons

                                                Thanks for the update. Please keep us posted. I keep hoping Louis will land somewhere closer but maybe that won't be possible.

                                                1. re: Cpt Wafer

                                                  I really think they may have burned too many bridges to come back to the Low Country.

                                                  1. re: BlueHerons

                                                    just got this tweet on twitter

                                                    johntedgeJust heard from Louis Osteen who's moving to take over as chef at Lake Rabun Hotel in GA. Envisions a "redneck Inn at Little Washington."

                                                    why did he leave fl?

                                                    1. re: LaLa

                                                      Well that's a lot closer than Captiva. Thanks for the update. I'm gonna try to get over that way in the Fall.

                                                      1. re: LaLa

                                                        Unfortunately being a chef is a very physical job. Chef Osteen is in his 70s.

                                                        Also, it has been a long time since he's worked for anyone other than himself. He was asked to leave.

                                                        1. re: BlueHerons

                                                          I understand I have worked for myself for a long time and I sure wouldnt want to work for someone anymore either.LOL.

                                                        2. re: LaLa

                                                          We just got back from the NE Georgia Mountains, and had lunch at Lake Rabun Hotel. Nostalgic for us, since we had stayed at this hotel about 20 years ago. Lunch was delicious, but I just checked the hotel web site and they list Jamie Allred as their chef.

                                                          1. re: Florida Hound

                                                            since this thread is a year old I would be surprised if he has moved on again....I don't think they will be back here...they left a lot of bad debts and legal trouble.

                                                            UPDATE FROM HIS WIFE: In Nashville heading up the kitchens and operations of two - soon to be three - restaurants here, Watermark,, Miro District and next month's Blind Pig

                                      1. Okay here goes my rec's:

                                        People watching-creek front in Murrell's Inlet (CreekRatz or Drunken Jacks or Wahoos)
                                        or the hot dog places on the Blvd (it is a chain on all the main drags up
                                        and down the strand with the name Sam in it)

                                        View-Gulf Stream Cafe (Garden City)

                                        Burgers-Hamburger Joes

                                        Wings-Fat Jacks in Surfside (garlic parmesan...slap your mama good)

                                        BBQ-Prosser's in Murrells Inlet

                                        Seafood-Russell's (in Murrell's Inlet); Marina Raw Bar (NMB); Bimini's

                                        Steak-Bovine's (in Murrell's Inlet)

                                        Entertainment-Gulf Stream has live music on the deck; Drunken Jacks has live music;
                                        teenagers would LOVE Dick's in Barefoot Landing

                                        Ice Cream-Painters is about the only local store I can recall, and I find it doesn't have
                                        much flavor (to me). You would be better off at the Marble Slab or Cold Stone...or
                                        Johnny Rockets at Broadway for shakes (and entertainment)

                                        Pizza-definitely Calfornia Pizza...try the San Francisco (or Diego...can't remember) Pie it has filet mignon on it

                                        Additional info: totally ditto on Frank's and Louis's in PI they are really good. Also, if you head that way, check out the Kudzo Bakery in Litchfield. They have awesome baked goods, dips (especially the crab), and homemade bread (they do a specialty bread each day so you might want to call ahead to check out the "bread schedule" love the jalepeno cheddar and cinnamon raisin...go early; they sell out fast).

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                                        1. re: terrytrailertrash

                                          Terry - thanks for the list !

                                          I am looking forward to a trip there this summer and will be ready with a bunch of ideas for the crew - - -

                                        2. Sun City Cafe -- near the old Pavilion. One of the best locals' places; very seldom mentioned. The chicken actually tasted like chicken.

                                          1. as a followup

                                            Do any restaraunts on the beach have a good view of the beach fireworks that are supposed to happen once a week (?) by one of the piers?

                                            1. Well - -If anyone has come back from the area recently and would like to share !!!

                                              I am interested in your ideas - - getting closer to our vacation week now!!!!

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                                                Hi. Here's a tip for great italian. There's a restaurant called Ciao's, around the 50's on Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach. This place is a local favorite and awesome.. It is on the west side of Kings Highway in a little group of stores very close to the highway. Don't miss it. Please forget Louis' and try Austins instead...both in pawleys area.

                                                1. re: joni mae

                                                  Thanks Joni Mae

                                                  We are getting down to the final days before going to MB !!!
                                                  Can't wait to try out the local fare!!!!

                                                  1. re: few

                                                    You're welcome. Let me know how you fared. good luck.

                                              2. gulfstream and franks.

                                                1. Best Italian, this side of Sorrento, is at Luigi's, up around the 60's, just off Hiway 17 (in the old Latiff's location). Absolutely the best lasagna anywhere. I am older than dirt and have eaten a lot of lasagna. Another great Italian, up in the Ocean Drive area, is Benny Rappa's-- chalkboard specials every night. Small and intimate, right on Hiway 17.

                                                  1. Hope this is in time for others as the summer winds down. We stay in Litchfield, near Pawley's Island. The best pizza is hidden behind an office/shopping building just past the BI-Lo on 17. Pastaria 811 at 111 Lakes at Litchfield Drive. Go around to the back and they will be packed. We never miss ordering at least 3 pizzas to enjoy with a big bottle of chianti! Check Pastaria811.com for menus and directions. We usually get thick crust (Abruzzi) and their New York thin crust style too.

                                                    1. For pizza...its hands down for Michaels...they are on the main drag right on 17.

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                                                      1. re: RRG

                                                        always have had a great dinner at Thoroughbreds (spelling?) in North Myrtle.

                                                        1. re: RRG

                                                          Michaels has amazing pizza even better when you reheat it.

                                                        2. Just got back from a week in North Myrtle Beach. Went to the Seafood Hut in Calabash after reading several recommendations for it on Chowhound. We were underwhelmed. It was good but nothing special. Duffy Street Seafood Shack in North Myrtle Beach was fantastic though. There appears to be two but we went to the one on Hwy 17. The shrimp, oysters, fries, and hushpuppies were far better than the Seafood Hut. Everything perfectly cooked and extremely fresh. It was the only place we tried that actually cared about their fries...hand cut and crispy.

                                                          We followed up the blah experience at the Seafood Hut with ice cream at the Calabash Creamery. Wow that was some good ice cream. It must be horrible for you since the overwhelming smell of sugar hits you when you walk int he door. But, it was well worth it.

                                                          Got lost going to Prosser's BBQ. Well worth the extra 25 minutes we spent looking for it. Everything was great...fried flounder, fried pork chops, butter beans, sweet potato casserole, fried chicken, etc. Not a bad thing on the buffet. Two adults and a 2 year old ate for $16 for lunch. Can't beat that.

                                                          One other place of note was King's Famous Pizza. The house pizza was good if typical east coast style. My daughter got the meat sauce spaghetti and the sauce was slow cooked and very tasty. I would've definitely liked to come back and try a pasta dish.

                                                          Ate at Bennie Rapas. It started off really well. The calamari was correctly cooked. The bread was crusty hot and buttery. Ordered the scallops fan diablo. No heat whatsoever for being "diablo". The scallops a bit tough from overcooking. The sauce was also watery. Pretty underwhelming main course after a great appetizer.

                                                          Georgio's Famous Pizza was another pizza joint we tried. It sucked. The crust was probably a Pillsbury crust from a can. the sauce, Ragu. Completely devoid of flavor. At least it was cheap at $11.

                                                          Little Pig's BBQ was recommended on the board. It was bad, bad, bad. If it was representative of NC BBQ. Give up on the cuisine. :-) I live in the heart of TX BBQ country and appreciate a good swine but man this was bad. No flavor other than some creosote from being over smoked.