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Apr 27, 2008 07:50 AM

Good Quality Mandoline at a Good Price?

Is there a good quality mandoline that you can recommend that won't set me back $150? A recipe I came across says to slice various vegetables thin using a mandoline or a Japanese vegetable slicer. A Google search of "Japanese vegetable slicer" shows several different types of slicers, including a Japanese Benriner Mandoline, but I'm unclear about how this tool might be different from any other mandoline. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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  1. I got a good DeBuyer one on Overstock.com about a year ago for about $ 75, and it still had the Williams-Sonoma price tag on it for about 2xs that price.

    1. This is the one I always recommend. Mine has been going strong for 20+ years.

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        Hey, grampart,

        I bought a V-slicer a few months ago, and find it well-made for the money. I'm still adjusting to using it, though. Is it normal to have quite a bit of veggie left over on the safety guide? Also, when I made french fries, they seemed to be more like very thin frites, which are delicious but not necessarily what I was looking for. I don't feel like I am getting as much out of it as I could with a little more knowledge. Any hints would be greatly appreciated, and may also help the OP.

      2. The Benriner Mandoline is one of the best for the money. They come in two sizes and I would recommend the larger wider one which you can get for under $50. The narrower one is usually in the $30 range. Easy to use, wash and store. Comes with julienne attachments, finger guard and the blade can be removed for sharpening.

        1. i love my oxo good grips stainless steel mandoline, and the newer v-slicer model [which is less expensive than the SS i have] recently got CI's top rating.

          with one of their ubiquitous coupons it'll only set you back 40 bucks at bed, bath & beyond...


          1. For the ultimate in cheapie gourmet thrills, try to get a Feemster. It's about 10 bucks and does an awesome slicing job. I often use it over our fancy-dancy mandoline and Cusinart since it's so quick and easy to operate. It's for slicing only, though...

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              "Thrills" is right. Yes, that thing can certainly cut. Unless they've changed the design since my long gone Feemster's Famous Vegetable Slicer met its end, that thing was quite adept at slicing hands as well as veggies.