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Apr 27, 2008 07:14 AM


I'm seeking ideas for a Seattle restaurant to get a gift certificate to for a couple who like good food, but aren't super adventurous. Not too pretentious, and not too fancy. My ideas are Le Pichet, Matt's in the Market, Campagne Cafe, or Union. Please comment on these and/or suggest others. THANKS!

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  1. I am certain they would enjoy Matt's at the Market but I also suggest 94 Stewart Street.

    1. Your choices are all good. I often take visitors to Cafe Campagne for a morning or mid day meal on the way home from the airport. They always love it. I think a restaurant in the market area is a great idea.

      1. If the city limits are no object, I'd recommend Trellis in Kirkland. Has a menu that virtually everyone will understand and the food is excellent. It's a casual hotel restaurant. A more peaceful and somewhat less hip Tilth without the small plate concept.