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Apr 27, 2008 07:11 AM

Best Store to buy fish in bklyn??


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  1. i've enjoyed everythng i've ever purchased from fish tales on court street. while they aren't cheap cheap, i think the quality is substantially above the other stores i've seen that the small price difference is unquestionably worth it. alternatively, fairway has a gorgeous selection too.

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    1. re: vatl619

      What's the other fish store on Court St (maybe near Union)? A while back someone recommended a less pricey and less upscale fish market than Fish Tales but I lost the info. TIA

      1. re: efdee

        Don't remember the name but its on the same block as Monteleone's and the pork store.

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          It's called Carroll Gardens Fish Market or something fairly generic like that, and it's between Union and President on Court. Their fish is ok -- it's definitely cheaper than Fish Tales, but they don't seem to have as much variety.

          Carroll Gardens Fish Market
          359 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          Fish Tales
          191 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

        2. re: vatl619

          I haven't had much good experience with Fish Tales. They are much more expensive, not too many to choose from, and often times I find their seafood not too fresh. I had to throw away half of the mussles I got there because they were bad. The worse thing was, they were handpicked by one of the guys there! On the other hand, Garden of Eden has very fresh and wide selection of seafood. Some of them are even seasoned or marinaded! They also have those ginormous scallops for less than $20/lb!

        3. I would go to the Blue Moon stand in the GAP Farmer's Market. They're there every Saturday. If you're getting off beat stuff such as pulpo and squid Fairway is a very good place for that.

          1. In Bay Ridge, there's Chef with Sole on 3rd Ave. near 86th St. The owner there is a true salesman, which might put you off if you like to be left alone, but he is trustworthy, so if you are inexperienced and want some guidance, he's a knowledgeable source, and will talk your ear off about your purchasing options, where they come from, and different ways to cook them. Good fresh fish are never exactly cheap, but a big benefit of this place is definitely the Bay Ridge discount. He has lots of prepared ready-to-cook-at-home stuff too.

            But if you are really looking for bargains, and you know your stuff (either fish stuff or Chinese language stuff) Eighth Ave. in Sunset Park is a good exploration destination. A number of competing fresh fish markets -- with many fish still swimming, plus shellfish, frogs, turtles, etc.

            At the other end of the spectrum, Greene Grape Provisioins, new grocery at the corner of South Portland and Fulton in Fort Greene, has a decent-looking fish selection. I've only tried their trout (heads still attached, so I could see it was fresh), but they were perfectly delicious. I might be a little nervous about the turnover there, since they're new and expensive, but who knows.

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            1. re: abijah

              Chef with Sole is outrageously expensive, ya know.

              1. re: JFores

                They MUST be expensive because I just called to learn the availability of sea scallops and the price and they guy on the phone was quite rude and said "if you wanna know the price, you come into the store". Needless to say they won't be getting any of my business.

              2. re: abijah

                "The owner there is a true salesman, which might put you off if you like to be left alone, but he is trustworthy"

                Funny, I'd describe him as aloof and kind of a dillhole. (Let's see if that makes it past the censors!) It is expensive, but consistently fresh and convenient to me, so I do go there occasionally.

              3. I swear by and live by the fish market on 18th Avenue a block down from 86th St. I've been going there for years and so has the rest of my family. I am always one of the people on the long Christmas time lines when us Italians in the area need to get 7 fish for our Christmas eve meal. Great prices too. Speaking Italian helps depending on who you get at the counter. The quality is the same or better than the above named places, the prices are lower, and they carry a lot of Med. fish or Italian specialty fish that are otherwise hard to find (ei. sardines and triglie all year round. Baccala soaked or unsoaked. Etc.)

                1. Been going for years to Hosanna Fish Market, 8018 5th Ave. You'd never know it was a fish market, the place has no smell and the fish is fresh fresh FRESH.