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Apr 27, 2008 07:01 AM

Cajun Corner - Laird Drive

Talk about getting too big for your britches - that appears to be the above.

Hubby & I wanted to go there today for food & jazz, but found out they are charging $25.00 per person for the buffet & music. Too damn much for a Sunday afternoon, along with the drinks.

Just getting the steam off my chest.

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  1. was there as well. it's not that i feel ripped off.......we ate some tasty food. i just felt better organization would have improved our experience.

    1. 25$ for all you can eat plus music is not outlandish. The Boiler House and Manyata are both in the same price range. Free Times is somewhat less, but the food pales by comparison.

      I was there thursday night for some takeout, and was blown away by the flavours. I'm a gumbo snob, and have only rarely found restaurant versions that come close to my own. The CC's gumbo was very close. Rich, almost sauce-like, with a fantastic subtle heat that lingered after each mouthful. They've been open for only a couple of weeks, and are taking small steps to make the transition to a full-on restaurant. Cut them some slack.

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      1. re: Snarf

        I have yet to check them out but hey, $25 for AYCE and music seems pretty reasonable to me also. It's definitely on my list!

        1. re: Snarf

          Although I'm not on board with the $25 brunch--it's just not something that I do--I am in complete agreement with Snarf's second paragraph. I have been to the new location 3 times in the past 2 weeks. I've had po' boy sandwiches each time, shrimp and catfish. Both are outstanding and pretty reasonable (about $9), served with delicious, piquant chopped slaw and sweet potato fries (chips). The food is excellent.

          1. re: Yongeman

            what's on the menu for the buffet?

            1. re: caitlink

              Here's the link to the Cajun Corner website:

              Click on 'Jazz Brunch' and it's all there.

            2. re: Yongeman

              Hey Yonge.

              Have you tried the Muffalletta?? I had one on opening day and it was great. The only problem with it is they can't get muff. bread so they had to put it on a kaiser which is a little too heavy for it. The taste is excellent for the filling though.
              Mrs. Sippi (Who obviously knows a thing or two about catfish) had their cf and thought it was great.
              I had the fried chicken when we went and I really liked it. I've read where people thought it was not really seasoned well but I thought it was nice. It had a real "Home made" taste to it. Go for the remoulade for dipping instead of the hot sauce.


              1. re: Davwud

                Hey DT,
                I tried the muffaletta a couple of times at the Queen location--awesome sandwich. Love that olive salad. I've never been to NOLA, so don't know what an authentic muffaletta bread is like. Is it kind of like a ciabatta bun? Actually, I think that would be a great container for that sandwich.

                1. re: Yongeman

                  It's more along the lines of an over grown hamburger bun. I've never had one in NOLA but have in a few delis down yonder and the bread makes a big difference.
                  They also wrap them in foil and bake them for a few minutes so everything is nice and warm and all the oils are oozing.
                  Can't be beat.


                  1. re: Davwud

                    I have had one in NOLA (from the Central Grocery), and the original muffaletta is actually served cold. You can get some heated debates started in New Orleans over whether or not it is acceptable to serve it warm, but you can easily find it both ways. The bread is kind of like focaccia, with sesame seeds on top. I think it's a little bit more sturdy and absorbent than a hamburger bun - the sandwich is actually much better after it's sat in the fridge for a couple of days.
                    Haven't had the one at CC yet, since I usually only stop there when I need catfish, so I can't comment on its authenticity.

                    1. re: Wahooty

                      It's based on the CG in NOLA. The olive salad is imported from CG.
                      Maybe that's why it's served cold.


                      1. re: Wahooty

                        Ok, now I'm really craving a muffaletta. Sounds good hot, too.

                        1. re: Wahooty

                          I know what you mean, wahooty, about always getting side-tracked from the muffaletta by the other great offerings, but I had one the other day--it was very good, although I think it depends who makes it. I've seen more generous quantities of olive salad on another one that I ordered recently for someone else. Also, the bun is really not the best quality kaiser I've ever had. All in all, the sandwich was great, though.

              2. for any patrons of the previous location.... any noticeable changes in the cooking? good or bad? the same even? that's good enough for me.

                1. I haven't been for the brunch but wouldn't go until they seem a bit more organized.

                  One night a couple of weeks ago, I was contemplating getting take-out from CC, so I called and was told that I should just come in rather than placing an order over the phone. So, we stopped in for some take out and were told it would take 10 minutes, which we didn't have at that time. I was a little irked since if they would have just taken our order over the phone, we would have left food in hand. (Do they not want our business?)

                  A few days later, CC was on our route to an appointment and we thought we'd stop in again to try it out. Called first several times (as I was in a rush) to let them know, but nobody answered the phone. So, Hubby ran in and noted that there were several people milling about (Why hadn't they answered the phone?). He ordered fried chicken and was told 3 pieces would take five minutes, and more would take 15. As we were short of time, he opted for three. I sat in our car on a side street, waiting, as parking is very inconvenient there. Five minutes passed, and I called Hubby's cell phone. The chicken was not quite ready. A few minutes later, I checked again, and discovered that they were having trouble processing his Interac. He would be done in one minute, he was promised. Well, it was another 10 minutes before he was out of the place: Apparently, they had to clear their phone messages before they could process the transaction. Given that amount of time we could actually have ordered more chicken... GRRRR!

                  So, what's with the not taking advance orders? Sometimes one doesn't want to sit for 15 minutes waiting for chicken to fry. And what about not answering the phone and not clearing messages, and promising you'll be done in 1 minute and then not getting out of there for another 10.

                  All in all, we were pretty frustrated (and late). The fried chicken was good, though I can't say I'd make a special trip for it. I did enjoy the spicy cole slaw which was reminiscent of kimchi. The sweet potato frites were nothing great, more like fresh potato chips. And, we had a muffuletta sandwich, too, but I don't know if it was worth the money. I can buy those cold cuts and cheeses, plus a muffuletta mix (I found a great one at Sobey's) and make that myself.

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                  1. re: Full tummy

                    With all due respect full tummy, after reading your post I can't help but ask - why didn't you go some place like KFC? Maybe just me, but I would think that a wait of 15 minutes is not unreasonable to ask for freshly fried chicken. That aside, I agree with your other points regarding service issues. Seems like they need to get their act in gear.

                    1. re: millygirl

                      15 minutes is perfectly reasonable. So is accepting orders over the phone.

                      1. re: millygirl

                        Millygirl, I find your position a little unfair. We are talking take-out here. I have no problem with waiting 15 minutes, but why do I have to stand at their counter? If I go for take-out to Moti Mahal, Danforth Dragon, Lahore Tikka House, or any number of places, I can call in advance, and my order is generally ready when I arrive. I do not have to place my order when I arrive and then stand at the counter waiting.

                        1. re: Full tummy

                          No doubt, they are getting their act together, including training new staff. Shouldn't be too difficult to take a phone order, though. I think that it'll all wash out in time, and the integrity of the food is worth giving them some time.

                          1. re: Yongeman

                            On Queen St, Karen (at least when she was there) encouraged me to call in advance and ask to have stuff set aside.

                    2. To be fair, my hubby & I had dinner there last night. We arrived early - around 4:45 p.m. - there was one customer for take-out & us for sit-down dinner. One other customer came in after us for take-out.

                      Started off with crab cakes from the appetizer section; then we both ordered catfish cooked differently with two side dishes. Along with two beers & 2 glasses of wine, the bill came to $57.00, which was not unreasonable to say the least.

                      However, for now, we would give the new location a 6 out of 10.

                      I miss the old place on Queen street, which i found funky & ideal. Karen, the owner, told us that she & her husband own the building on Queen, but it would have cost too much to expand the premises.

                      We'll go back there, but not for at least another month & see how it's going.

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                      1. re: Jay98

                        $25 seems OK to me for that.
                        Maybe the musicians even get paid a fair wage.

                        1. re: Jay98

                          How were the crab cakes? Were there larger chunks of crabmeat in them or were they more evenly textured? Good flavour?

                          1. re: Manybears

                            There were 3 crab cakes - 1 1/2 for each - small, like muffins, but okay - nothing astounding.