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Apr 27, 2008 06:25 AM

Clever cupcakes?

Has anyone tried? Is the icing butter cream? How do they compare to Itsi-Bitsi?

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  1. These are the best cupcakes that I have tried around the city and they are also the best priced. Better than itsi-bitsi on both accounts and Ch'ocola on Monkland.

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    1. re: Jadedlola

      Ummm, Cho'cola shouldn't even be in the running. Crap shouldn't count.

      You saying they are better than Reema's???

      1. re: maisonbistro

        Cho'cola has delicious treats. I love their cupcakes. You can taste the care they put into their products. I also recently tried their hamentaschen. Also delicous... And they have great sandwiches for lunch! And such beautiful and artistic cakes!

    2. I personally love Clever Cupcakes. They are very different than the offerings at Cocoa Locale. They're each yummy in their own way. Clever cupcakes are more light and fluffy and the icing more smooth and almost whipped, in a really good way. I would say that both Clever Cupcakes and Cocoa Locale are miles better than Itsi-Bitsi or Cho'cola or any of the other "cupcakes" peddled in Montreal. It's a personal choice between the dense and ganache-y quality of Cocoa Locale and the more light and cakey quality of Clever Cupcakes.

      The main awesome thing about Clever Cupcakes it the fact that they come out to $2 each, they get delivered for free, you get to pick the combo of icing/cake/filling and they have a healthy option.

      I ordered a bunch for an event and I was really pleased. My favourites are her red velvet with cream cheese, chocolate chilli, chocolate ginger, lemon coconut and one that she made around Valentine's day with chocolate cake and a cinnamon heart icing. Frankly, I would step over my own mother to get one of these right now.

      1. Personally I found them to be too sweet; sickly sweet....
        I found it difficult to gauge the quality because of this, I will admit that she makes beautiful and reasonably priced but I had a hard time getting through just one.

        I really enjoyed Cocoa locale's cupcakes, and although she doesn't have a large assortment of cupcakes, I was able to enjoy the texture and the flavors because it wasn't overpowered by all the sugar. My favorite was the lemon coconut.

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          Hmm - interesting. I don't find them too sweet at all - and I'm pretty sensitive to sweet since I had to give up all forms of sugar for a while - so I guess it's a matter of taste. My faves are the red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the chocolate with espresso icing.