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Apr 27, 2008 06:24 AM

What's NEW in Asheville?

I lived in Asheville for many years but have been away for a over a year now -- and I'm comin' home. So what's NEW there? New restaurants, new chef/owner, etc. I'm looking at the whole range from highest end to finest grease. By reference my favs are Limones, Corner Kitchen, Salsa, and 12 Bones. Love the atmosphere at Zambras but find the food merely good. So hounds, what's new?

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  1. Nona Mia's is a delicious, low-key, and surprisingly inexpensive Italian bistro. A welcome and much needed addition to Asheville's dining scene. Don't let the strip-mall exterior fool you. The interior is well-designed and has a genuine neighborhood feel. The ingredients are wonderfully fresh and the flavor combinations are inspired.

    The tortas at Tacqueria Fast are sublime.

    1. You may want to search for posts on Sugo, Vigne and the new Marketplace menu.

      1. In and around Asheville...
        Curras - the higher end Mexican place in Woodfin
        Markeplace's new bar area
        I think we have seen a slow down on new places because of the economy but with places opening on the South side of town . Sugo's (Italian where Left Bank used to be), Vigne (?Continental near the Orange Peel), Stovetrotter's (high end American/comfort food in Biltmore Village), I guess Modesto and CHorizo in Grove Arcade - though I have not been that impressed with either. Pomodoro's opened a 2nd restaurant in S. Asheville.

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          Have been to Pomodoro's South on 2 occasions. I really want to like this place, but the food does not live up to it. The first time I was there, I got the Swordfish special of the evening. It was fair at best. The second time, thinking that maybe pasta was their strongpoint, I got one of their pasta dishes. It was very disappointing, almost tasteless. I do not think that they will get a third try. Anyone else have the same experience?