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Apr 27, 2008 06:21 AM

Breakfast for dinner

or dinner for breakfast.

What do you prefer?

I just had spaghetti for breakfast.

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  1. I love leftover spaghetti carbonara for breakfast and occasionally have cereal or scrambled eggs for dinner.

    1. a giant bowl of kashi go lean crunch regularly fills the dinner spot for me. breakfast cereal is a real comfort food, and when a day has been awful nothing makes me feel better.

      1. If I do breakfast for dinner, it's usually what I end up calling de-constructed omelets - sauteed onions and mushrooms scrambled with eggs. Cheese is whatever catches my fancy, usually a handful of good grated Parmesan. Might also include some diced bacon or ham, or whatever other meat I have on hand.

        Dinner for breakfast.... heh. Left over pizza.... ;-)

        1. I think eggs on toast is great at any time of day. 2 fried over easy, English Heinz Baked Beans, 2 slices of toast, HP sauce and a cuppa coffee.

          1. I like to make waffles for dinner occasionally.

            I formerly worked nights in college and just after, so eating what would normally be considered a lunch or dinner entrée at 6-7am was normal for me for 15 years and I still do it at diners.

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            1. re: Kelli2006

              Hi Kelli2006,

              Yeah, waffles in the evening.

              On trips to my grandparent's ranch, Sunday dinner was what we at in the early afternoon, the long, slow meal after listening to my minister Grandpa in the pulpit.

              Supper was a waffle, topped with sausage gravy, pork or venison sausage patties, and fried eggs. For dessert, a waffle with a scoop of hand-churned vanilla ice cream, topped with homemade jam or preserves.

              Just the absolute best supper meals I've ever had.


              1. re: AndyP

                you had waffles for the main and for dessert?? sausage gravy and waffles sounds pretty good, although i'll eat sausage gravy on just about anything.