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Apr 27, 2008 06:07 AM

Just back from Hong Kong/Macau

As i read through chowhound looking for recommendations for my trip, i thought i should share our experiences and photos :0)

Kau Kee Noodles : 21 Gough St (central) AMAZING broth and brisket, you can get it with or without noodles. Get someone to map it for you as it was challenging to find it on a's off of Hollywood on a side street...worth the adventure ;0)

Maks noodles: 77 Wellington: handmade noodes...great texture. Broth nothing special...but great noodles. Very small menu...all noodles, great little hole in the wall...very small so try to hit it before or after lunch rush hour.

Yung Kee : 32-40 Wellington: try roast anything. The pork was probably the best I have EVER had. The goose I never tried was good, but too gamey for me....would probably try the duck next time.

Yellow Door Restaurant: Cochrane St....kinda hiddden but there is a sign on the corner...past the 7-11 i think it was. 6th floor. Love the atmosphere, tiny place...10 tables maybe? Don't expect an american tasting menu...but thats not a bad thing. We paid $288 HK$ about 15 different items...small portions...thank goodness :0) We also had 2 bottles of wine...reasonable prices, especially for HK, doubled our dinner cost. There was no WOW...OMG factor, but we really enjoyed it and was very reasonable.

Bo Innovation :0( boo hiss! They moved from Icehouse to Wan Chai and are closed until April time.

Intercontinental Brunch: Always worth the price (about $80-100 i think) free flowing champagne...YUM. Foie, lobster, sushi, tonnes of it. We spent 2.5 hours there this trip :0)

Kowloon Hotel: We had a dim sum lunch here and it was excellent as was the service. Our shrimp rice rolls had scrambled eggs...never had that before and it was lovely. Had the usual standards and all was darn tasty. They just did a huge renovation and its a nice atmosphere. They have a good sized buffet lunch and dinner which looked nice but we didn't partake.

Ocean Super Seafood Restaurant (Kowloon) @ Jordan & Parkes 3rd floor: We were the one non-locals there...always a good sign. Had shanghai dumplings, har gow, pork dumplings with peanut and water chestnuts, and shrimp rice rolls. All great quality. This was also the first experience of getting an extra pot of boiling water to wash all the cups , chopsticks etc. We watched other patrons to see how they did it :0) If you are in the neighbourhood worth a walk over.

Yuan Dumplings on Wellington (near Maks). We were eating a RIDICULOUS amount of food that day but when we walked by we HAD to try some. We had pork dumplings with leeks...OMG good. I think there was 8 or 10 dumplings and for $HK24 (about 3.5 USD) I am going back for a full meal next time. Great friendly staff.

Maxims City Hall : at the actual Hong Kong City Hall there are 3 Maxims restaurants. We were confused by other posts regarding the different restaurants there. Anyway we went to Maxim City Hall. There is also just Maxims on the 2nd floor, which i think is european and then there is MX---a fast food style version on the main floor on the outside of the building. City hall is on the 3rd floor and is one of the few places that still has the carts com by. The food was OK...we sampled about 10 items...yeah, we are crazy....but nothing really stood out to be honest. We enjoyed the experience but wouldn't go back. We have had much better dim sum here in SF.

YunYan Szechuan Restaurant: 4/F Miramar Shopping Center , 1 Kimberley Road.
We actually ate here 3 years ago and LOVED LOVED it. This trip we decided to make it our last lunch and personally I was overall disappointed. The chili garlic prawns which i LOVED last time were not as good this time. The prawns themselves were tasty but the sauce was too thick and not as spicy as last time. The ma pao tofu was HOT and tasty. The chili pork dumplings were blah, the steamed rice was dry, and the rice roll was also blah. I hope it was just a bad day, it was a disappointing last dinner.


We stayed at the Venetian and as it's a bit away from some of the other places to eat so we decided to eat lunch at the portuguese restaurant there. It wasn't bad per say but very non-descript and we would not go back. Service was awful.

Restaurant Litoral : We ate here 3 years ago and came back this time as well. Friendly service and great macanese food. African chicken...beautifully flavourful, prawns and fruit salad was lovely and refreshing, the roast fish was perfectly cooked, green soup...sooo good, the curried crab and prawns was to die for...but the portion was HUGE and so rich...guess that's not really a complaint :0) I would go again next time as well.

Restaurant Pinocchio: despite the disney influenced restaurant the food is quite lovely and reasonable. We had grilled sardines, macanese chicken, oxtail soup and portuguese sausage. I would go back, everything was lovely...along with the service.

Choi Heong Yuen Bakery: Tasty Tasty egg tarts, light and custardy not too sweet...delicious. The almond cookies also fabulous. Everything is made and packaged in house so you can watch it as well as try samples. Great service and product.

A Petisqueira: Pig ear salad, i had to try it...local fav but it was gelatinous and too chewy, dressing was great though. The paella was flavourfull and packed with seafood. The garlic prawns were nice and spicy....though a couple of the prawns were kinda mealy.The codfish cakes were lovely, not too salty, just enough.

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  1. Wow! That was quite a list! Hope you did lots of walking to work off those calories!!!

    Yung Kee's roast goose used to be more yummy and less gamey. Unfortunately, after the avian flu outbreak a few years back, HK government imposed a strict 'centralized poultry slaughtering' system. So, no more freshly killed live birds, only chilled ones available for restaurants. Some how the refrigeration process renders the fowl quite gamey when cooked?! This rule applies to pigeons and squabs as well. Therefore, the once famous Sha Tin roast pigeon now also tasted quite gamey.

    Was your Intercontinental brunch at Alain Ducasse's Spoon? I do agree, for a buffet, the Spoon's presentation and selection was quite spectacular. I was most impressed by the 'dessert table' set up inside the kitchen, with the pastry chef in attendance to answer questions. For the entree, I had the 'mini trio burgers combo'. The medium rare kobe beef, the duck and the seafood burgers, all with their individual, interesting condiments were very innovative and delicious. Because of potential cholesterol problem, I only restricted myself to two spoons of sheared foie gras and half a slab of the terrine. Still, thats enough fat intake for the day! The hand carved 'Argentinian cured ham' was very good as well. Very similar in taste and texture to their Spanish Iberico counterpart, but less sweet.

    Compare to North America ( may be Lai Wah Heen in Toronto is an exception ), traditional dim sum in HK are much better prepared whilst noveau ones are very innovative. Your Kowloon Hotel's steamed prawn rice roll with scrambled egg was a fine example. Another one was a white coloured 'crispy skin' Har Gow that was filled with soup broth which I had in Causeway Bay's Lee theatre complex! Cannot decipher how they managed to make the skin so crispy all round without frying the whole morsels in oil?! The wrapping is white not brown!

    The 4 course HK$388 business lunch at 'Galera a Robuchon' inside Macau's Lisboa Hotel was quite a steal!. Food, wine and service was typical Robuchon, however at only a fraction of Hong Kong L'Ateliers a Robuchon's cost. Should have grab a taxi and gave it a try!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Thanks for the tips Charles...I will try a couple of those out next time :0) Actually we just went to the regular brunch at Intercontinental, we did notice that Spoon was open for Sunday brunch and had a look at the menu....was interesting...we might have to try it out next time. Galera a Robuchon was on the radar as well...thanks for the tip about lunch...that might be the way to go.

    2. Thanks for the wonderful update. I didn't know Bo Innovation is moving - I hope its new Wanchai will be better.

      I gather that you ate at Madeira in the Venetian-Macao? You should have tried Old Neptune there. It's actually a branch of Lou Kei, a very well-known & venerable stalwart of Macanese cuisine. Their crab noodles are to-die for.

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      1. re: klyeoh

        They did just move into a new building in Wanchai. Supposedly a much larger place though I haven't been yet. Will definitely try it out though. It is one of my fav in HK!

        1. re: HKTraveler

          Wow, mapleleafgirl, can you give me the details of your brunch location? Address if you have one? Thanks!

          1. re: gourmet wife

            The brunch buffet is at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kowloon ( i believe)....right on the water. They have a huge great quality brunch, this was our 2nd visit. Sushi, sashimi, lobster, foie, carving station, tonnes of desserts, cheese. SOOO good, oh, and did i say all the champagne you can drink ;0) Great service and a lovely way to spend a few hours then walk along the water...if you can still walk ;0) Enjoy!

            1. re: gourmet wife

              It's Harbourside. Agree with mapleleafgirl, it's got fantastic views! Here's a weblink:

              1. re: klyeoh

                I actually prefer the brunch at Spoon a bit more. Though the view is more restricted and less panoramic, however I find the food more refined and sophisticated. The array of all you can eat appertizers presented in small 'molecular' tapas sizes are very innovative and delightful in both visual appeal and taste. eg., seared foie gras in a ceramic spoon, grilled scallop on a dollar size creamed corn filling potato croquette, chunk of lobster tail on a bed of tropical fruit salsa....etc.The number of 'hard to decide' entree choices are also nicely plated and surprisingly tasty. However, the most impressive must be the dessert tables set up inside the kitchen with the pastry chef in attendance. Almost every chocolate dessert is garnished with gold leaves! BTW, though its not 'all you can drink' champagne, they do provide a free complimentary first glass. However, both red and white wine are all you can drink as well as freshly squeezed orange juice.

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Charles, do you remember how much the brunch per person is?

                  1. re: s0memale

                    I believe its HK$558. However, my sister in law has an Intercontinental club membership card which carries a 25% discount! Therefore our meal was a steal!! The discount also applies to AMEX black card holder

                  2. re: Charles Yu

                    Hey Charles, I do think Spoon has a better view than the Harbourside with its window seats. Harbourside is located on the lower floor whereas Spoon is on the main floor which it gets a better view of both the Harbour, skyline of Hong Kong on the other side and the waterfront !

                    1. re: skylineR33

                      I totally agree with you there. However, window seats at Spoon are far and few. The few times I dined there, we always ended up with an inner table with restricted view. Thats why my restricted view comment. The lower dining area, on the other hand tends to provide more window seatings? No?!