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Apr 27, 2008 04:32 AM

Will Degustation be any good for someone who doesn't eat meat?

hey gang,
will be in nyc from toronto at the beginning of june. i really, really want to try degustation but i don't eat meat.....i'm adventurous with any kind of fish or seafood or obviously vegetables. will it be worth it for me? or should i just consider something else.
thanks for your help!!

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  1. Most of the courses I ate there involved some type of meat, but you could probably avoid the meat courses if you ordered carefully. They do have several seafood options on the menu and would probably be happy to create other things for you on the spot. I would call and speak with the reservationist about it.

    1. I'd say there are lots of dishes that don't focus on meat, but most of them incorporate a little bit--a bit of a pork product for flavor, for example. And I agree that you should call and as them how they would handle it.

      1. I went there as a non-meat-eater and thought my meal was good, but not great. The things I remember liking best are not the normal centerpieces of a meal: the cheese plate and dessert (the spanish french toast with frozen grapefruit confit is marvelous). The food is prepared very competently, but I just feel like they have not put adequate effort into making their vegetarian entrees really special and delicious.

        The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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          thanks for the input....i'll have to rethink degustation as a restaurant choice...esp. given i only have 3 dinners this trip!

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            I have to agree with everyone else here. I went to Degustation and loved it. But I eat meat and it seemed to me that everything had meat or meat flavoring hidden in it somewhere.

            For a similar "wow" factor, all seafood with great variety, you may want to check out Soto. The omakase is an endless parade of wow.

        2. I don't eat red meat and had no problem at Degustation. That said, the menu changes and I have not been this year, though my SO has. You might want to consider Falai.