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Apr 27, 2008 03:26 AM

Kif (the old Liquors)

has anyone been? what are your thoughts?
went last night and honestly, i had never been to Liquors (tried to go several times for Sunday brunch but the crowds were just too large) but the space is small, intimate and very warmly decorated. the staff was very nice and helpful. we were interested in the 2 Moroccan wines on their list to enjoy with our dinner and the let us tast them before making a choice (without even asking the offered). the special prawn appetizer was nicely spiced and presented nicely. the orange/carrot salad was refreshing. the chicken tangine was delicious and tender. the lamb tangine was out of this world. the orange crem brule was delicious and the cookies/mint tea were good also. overall the place was very busy and a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. here's hoping them continued success. i will definately be back.

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  1. I've gone three times since it opened. Drinks are good, esp. the mint one, but expensive. I think they always have a happy hour (2 for 1) from 5-7 or so. The eggplant salad app. was particularly good. Also -- try the cous-cous royal. They're using farmer market meat and veggies -- when I went it had brussel sprouts, sweet potatos, and carrots in it. Generous portion. Ditto on the cookies/mint tea -- best dessert we've tried.

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      My family went there tonight for my birthday. The food was good, but expensive. Too trendy for my taste, and the service listless for an empty restaurant. I won't go back, but not a disasterous evening by any means.

    2. my experience at Kif was like so many of my experiences at Ft. Greene restaurants in that area (including but not limited to Lulu, No. 7, Olea, etc.). It was fine. Food was ok. But for the price I paid, I really dont see myself ever rushing back there anytime in the near future.