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Apr 27, 2008 01:42 AM

cheap good eats near the Vatican

I will be staying near the vatican with a family of 6 adults! You can imagine the cost of eating out. We are keen to try out good but reasonably priced restos - italian or otherwise in the area. Also, are there local supermarkets that sell self catering food?

Ciao Ciao!

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  1. More info is on the Year Review in Moderate eating in Rome:

    But I would reiterate these, some which I have added:
    Osteria del Angelo Via G. Bettolo - 25 euro fixed per person.
    Similar trattoria and price but less know: Sagro del vino on Via Marziale - a solid, delicious, family-run place. People in the neighborhood have been going there for generations.
    Dino e Toni - Via Leone IV for pizza or pasta - they have antipastos that are good and will fill everyone up.
    Osteria Giocomelli - Via Faa di Bruno - huge portions of pasta - you can share. Cheap pizza, excellent.
    Take away pizza at Pizzarium.
    You are near a huge market on Andrea Doria - they have some pizza and breads and sandwiches, but it is mainly to take home and cook.
    Most places will make sandwiches for you - La Tradizione on Via Cipro would be great for that. Have lots of picnics!
    Supermarkets will make sandwiches...I think...
    Rotiscerrie are the cheapest way to eat in Rome, and there is a good one on Via Cipro. You can get pasta al forno and rotisserie chicken, etc.
    Insalata Riccas are pretty good salad places, and the foccacia is good. There is one in Piazza Risorgimento.

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      grazie pappardelle! this is very helpful. how much are the pastas and pizzas in Osteria Giocomelli? What is a Rotiscerie?

      Again, thanks a million.

      1. re: vivaldi6

        No problem! I know what it is like.

        Pastas at Hostaria Giacomelli should be about 6 euro, but very big portions for Italy. Pizza is cheaper. You can walk out of there spending only a little over 10 euro a person for a big, delicious individual pizza and beer. They have an antipasto bar. I like their suppli and olive ascolane.

        A rosticerria is a rotisserie where they sell hot "to go" dishes - including pastas, but usually the oven dishes are better, because spaghetti is only good right after it comes out of a pot of boiling water in my opinion. They usually have some places to sit depending on the place. The chickens are usually delicious, and I often enjoy a nice re-warmed eggplant parmesan - parmigiana - or a lasagna. They also have tomatoes stuffed with rice.
        They usually have take-away pizza as well. I just know the one near my home, because I usually just eat at those when I am in a rush or really really lazy.

        1. re: Pappardelle

          Hello again. Any good rosticerria near the vatican? I'm excited already with your comments!

          1. re: vivaldi6

            The only good place I know near the Vatican is on Via Cipro - more convenient to the Vatican museums.
            I think there are others on Andrea Doria or Giulio Cesare. It is so common, but if someone else has a local place they go to. Please let both of us know!

            1. re: vivaldi6

              Franchi, on the corner of via Cola di Rienzo and via Terenzio.

      2. In addition to the places already recommended, there is L'Isola della Pizza, which is a very friendly place with an open fireplace for grilled specialties as well as a regular menu and good pizzas (lunchtime and dinner). They guy has a reputation for game but all we had was the excellent pizza. over toward Ottaviano (nearer the museums than St. Peters Sq.

        Ive also had La Tradizione at 8 Via Cipro recommended to me by a Roman host but havent actually visited. this would be for meats, cheese and other specialties for takeaway.

        There are lots of supermarkets springing up in Rome these days, several small chains.
        You shouldnt have any problem finding places once you get away from the touristic zone around St. Peters.

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        1. re: jen kalb

          There's definitely a GS back towards the Gianicolo (I want to say near the train line- not Valle Aurelia but the other way).

            1. re: vivaldi6

              Oops, sorry. It's one of the major Roman (Italian? European?) grocery store chains. For some reason they're all odd acronyms- SIDIS, SMA, etc. GS has big orange and red colors, I think, which should help you find it. There was a recent thread about street food/creating light meals from supermercati if I remember correctly, do a search for granola bar in this board. At any rate supermercati really are all over and especially for breakfast, not a bad option- get caffe' for real at a bar but get a couple of boxes of cereal and yogurt or fruit for your rooms, if there's space. Also there's bound to be a couple of alimentari (sort of corner store) around where families pop in for day to day essentials near your hotel as well.

                1. re: vivaldi6

                  To be fair, the food will be FAR superior at Franchi and other places with a well-deserved reputation in what they prepare. (Supermarket bread was dismal, even the 'freshly baked' versions.) And the fruit will always taste better if you buy it gleaming in the sunlight with the patter of a vendor in your ear :). But for prepackaged things like breakfast and essentials, they're good to have around!