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Apr 27, 2008 12:31 AM

Tasty Meats & Deli - Kingsland Plaza

I've been belly-aching to my wife about how I miss the meat shops on Roncesvalles in Toronto for a while. So I was shocked today when I went to Cobbs on Elbow Dr and found a new Polish deli right beside!!

This place has opened up right beside Cobbs Bakery and the Starbucks off Elbow drive. It's a Polish deli with delicious authentic East European meats. The best part is they make their own homemade Kielbasa in store!! We ended up going home with a coil of Kielbasa, some Krakowska Salami (Pork and Beef) and head cheese.

They also had a section full of homemade cutlets, salads and Perogies!! All of which I'll have to go back for.

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