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Apr 27, 2008 12:03 AM

Uptowne Gelato - Mackenzie Towne

Visited the new Gelato place in Mackenzie Towne called Uptowne Gelato this week. It was delicious, my wife and I spent about 1/2 hour tasting different flavours and they were all fantastic.

All the recipes are from Italy and they make them fresh in the shop!

We ended up taking home a container with Blood Orange and Skrok (tastes exactly like Ferrero Rocher, mmm). Other, memorable flavours from our tasting were the Limoncello and Pink Grapefruit.

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  1. Ok I'm jealous hehe Uptowne Gelato sounds delicious! Sounds like you had a wonderful food-find day yesterday I love days like that. I've been flipping through Shop Talk to expand my horizons ...I'll probably be logging a few miles searching out new places this week. :)

    1. Hey hey another gelato option! Now with Fiasco, Amato, Tuttti Fruitti and now "uptownE" we're well covered- I just wish Mondo from Vancouver would come this way.

      1. I stopped in one day before they had officially opened, and it was queit busy. They didn't have too many flavours that day so I stuck with vanilla and chocolate, and yes they both tasted really good. Its nice to have a place to enjoy a treat as we walk the pups around "towne." The Hidden Chef is also a great little deli with delish dinners and take and bakes. Its looking up in good ol' mactowne.....I'm crossing my fingers that San's will fair better than the reputation that preceeds them.

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          Finally got to try some of the Gelato. We are never able to make it there after dinner since they close at 7.30 most nights! But we got a couple of tubs to go and it was very good. I tried the chocolate and strawberry flavours.

          While I did like it, it definitely had a different taste than the Gelato I had in Italy last summer. But I'll definitely be back - they have extended their Thurs -Sat hours to 10pm thankfully.