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Apr 26, 2008 10:03 PM

Fish markets in Queens

I live in Forest Hills but I am willing to drive to any part of Queens to buy fresh fish. Also, please suggest places with friendly and knowledgeable fishmongers.

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  1. PARKS at willets point blvd and 149th will knock you out!

    huge selection

    always fresher than hmart nearby and not as dirty as the ones in downtown flushing

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      I also live in FH....actually, Rego Park, but near the FH boundary. In the neighborhood, there is Sushi Yasu on Yellowstone, small selection but always great quality. On Austin, there's Forest Hills Fishery....great for shrimp, high volume items like salmon (but I do not believe it is wild, even though they claim it is) and whole fish. I don't trust their fillets. Down Austin another block is a small but excellent fish market..pricey but everything is excellent quality. All are very friendly and knowledgeable. A quick subway ride to the Broadway stop in Elmhurst will bring you to the confluence of NY Market, Hong Kong market, and Topline. Forget friendly, and they may be knowledgable but I don't speak Chinese...and most of them don't speak English. But they are great for whole fish, live fish which include barramundi , cod, and blackfish beyond the usual Tilapia. Great shellfish and squid, and fantastic for lobster and dungeness crab. Avoid fillet's, but with whole fish you can immediately tell the quality...yeah, there are stinkers at these markets, but the fresh stuff is really fresh. If you can afford it, go for the spot prawns (also called coral shrimp or botan ebi) which are in season now...they average about $25/lb live, but they are worth it....taste more like very sweet lobster than shrimp.

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        I agree with going to Parks. Very friendly, very very fresh.

      2. it's a tiny farmers market, but the sunnyside farmers market has a fishmonger that all their stuff is very fresh, locally caught by their small group. Saturday's at 43rd/Skillman from 8(?)am-3pm.

        1. If you're in Astoria, Marino's on 30th Ave. and about 37th St. is very good. Their hours, however, are terrible. They seem to not be interested in selling fish to people who work for a living. They close at 6pm every day, and are totally closed on Sundays. And their stock is pretty depleted on Saturdays.

          1. Have you been to the fish market on Lefferts in Kew Gardens? Their fish often is very good, and their turnover is pretty good there. However their shrimp is hit or miss--and they don't have dry scallops, this is very difficult to find in Queens--I go to Citarella for them, as they are actually less expensive than a place in LI that was recommeneded to me. There's actually a pretty nice fish market in Rosyln, LI on Willis Ave but it's not Queens, so out of your boundaries. I've been to Marino's in Astoria, and I wasn't impressed. As far as the place on Austin, I think their prices are too high, and the stuff just isn't very fresh there. There's a new Glatt Kosher market about to open on Woodhaven Blvd in Rego Park, and I noticed it said fish on their sign, not sure what they will have, but I've often bought the best looking wild and farmed salmon and tilapia from kosher fish mongers, so this might be an option. I'll check the place out very soon. The other market which is closer to Natural on Austin sometimes has okay stuff, but they are expensive and have a very limited selection and inventory.

            There are alot of places in Jamaica at Sutphin blvd, if you can take the crowds and the somewhat unsanitary looking presentations...but, there are some good buys there--

            For shrimp, I've now gotten used to just getting the bags frozen with raw from Costco or Trader Joe's, because frankly most of the shrimp in the markets is frozen and they defrost it the same way. Unless you're buying maine shrimp or rock shrimp, or florida shrimp, most of it is frozen.--and it's less expensive from costco.

            Please report back with your findings...thanks

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            1. re: janie

              I agree that dry scallops are hard to find in Queens...but Sushi Yasu carries them (dayboat) and the small place near Natural also has them. Both are expensive..around $17/lb, but both are equally excellent...I always have some raw, and to be good raw, they have to be the best. The ones from Sushi yasu are medium sized, the ones on Austin St. are very large, and frequently salmon colored (natural variation...they may not actually taste better, but psychologically its a bonus). I don't trust the scallops from Austin Fishery...they say dry dayboat, but they don't look like either.

              1. re: EricMM

                Dried scallops can be found at the Hong Kong Supermarket at 37-11 Main Street as well as most of their other locations and at the New York Supermarket chain.

            2. When I'm looking for good, cheap, fresh seafood I usually go to the markets on Main St., Flushing.