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Apr 26, 2008 09:01 PM

Best meals under 15 bucks in Sac! (tip included!)

Cheap food! That's the ticket!

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  1. French Ground Steak Burger w/ Cheese & Strawberry Milkshake - Nationwide Meats

    Big Buck Sandwich, Roadhouse Onions, Zinfandel- Buckhorn Grill

    Onion Soup and Sandwich - La Bonne Soupe Cafe

    Lunch Buffet - Gaylord India Restaurant

    Ribs & Chicken Combo - Flying Pig BBQ

    Chile Verde Burrito y Enchilada (con mole y albondigas) - Tres Hermanas

    1. Anything at Nopalitos on H Street around 56th. My favorite is their Tinga chicken tostada.

      1. Spicey Green papaya salad (5 bucks) and stuffed chicken wings (6.00) at Vientiane in West Sac. Fabulous, fabulous food. Their Lao Sausage is sublime..(7.00). We just went last weekend.

        We like Fords Cheeseburgers for 7.95

        Panchos on Franklin and 12th for and delicious

        Banzai on Riverside for a great Lomi Lomi Roll..7.50