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Apr 26, 2008 08:37 PM

REVIEW: Brat Bros. New to the Valley

Stopped at Brat Bros. today for lunch. It's been open for about 3 1/2 months. I wanted to give them a little time to get it together.

13456 1/2 Ventura Bl, Sherman Oaks.

Parking was a little difficult until I realized that I didn't have to have a permit to park in the permit zones. I'm so easily confused!

Cute place. Not a lot of seating inside, but I was taking out so it didn't matter.

This place is all about Brats.

I opted for the Hungarian meal. I've been searching for a specific spicy Hungarian that I used to get years ago at a place in Olde Towne in Torrance. This wasn't it, but it sure wasn't bad. It was delicious!

It was served on a French roll. I am not a fan of the links being longer than the roll or bun. I like bite for bite to be equal... bread and brat! However it sure does present itself nicely this way.

The meal comes with two sides. I chose the caramelized onions and the red cabbage salad. The grilled onions should not be a side. They are more of a condiment. I wouldn't mind paying more to have the grilled onions on my brat, but not for a side. I have enough of them left for 2 more brats. I don't feel they are to be eaten as a side. Kind of like eating relish. You just don't do it. Hmmm, I could add them to a baked potato!

The red cabbage salad was not what I expected. I was thinking it would be the cooked down red cabbage. This was very fresh red cabbage similar to that served at The Northwoods Inn. Deeeelicious! The only problem I had with it was there was about a 1/4 cup of dressing left in the plastic container when I was finished. I will absolutely order this again.

I spoke with Roland one of the owners. Nice guy! I wish him well because I want to keep going back for lunch. I really enjoyed it.

On the counter inside are 3 types of mustards and 3 types of catsups. Roland filled 3 containers for me. I only used 2 of them.

I put the grainy mustard on half of my roll and the spicy mustard (almost like Phillipe's but not as potent) on the other side. They were both great but my favorite was the grainy. Roland told me it was homemade.

I'll save the catsup which is a curry catsup for something other than a brat.

Here is a lineup of what is now offered:

All Brats:

German: veal pork, onions & parsley
Bavarian: Smoked pork & beer
Swiss: Mild veal & parsley
Polish: Smoked pork
Hungarian: spicy pork
Black Forest: Mild smoked pork
Hot Italian: Spicy pork & spices
French: Chicken, apple & cinnamon
Gobbler: 1/2 lb. turkey
Austrian: Smoked Venison & port
New Zealander: Spicy lamb
Wild West: Buffalo & Burgundy
Aussie: Ostrich & pistachios
Rancher: All Beef

They vary in price from $5.50 to $6.50

Making it a meal (with 2 sides) adds $3 to the price.

The sides are:

Grandmas sauerkraut
roasted potatoes
caramelized onions
beef chili
creamy potato salad
red cabbage salad

So far they only have canned soft drinks and Snapple type drinks. I sure would have liked a beer with my brat, but I was going back to work anyway.

Give Roland and his brother a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed. He also told me they have a natural casing hotdog but I didn't see it on the menu.

Me? I'll keep having the Hungarian.

Well maybe one of these days I'll give the Italian a try.

OH! Roland said they are getting 4 more varieties. The only one I remember is alligator.

I'll let you tell me what you think on that one.

Good job, Roland and Good luck!

One more thing... get a slotted spoon for the Red Cabbage!

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  1. Hi, Mar, thanks for the thorough review and pictures. I've been meaning to try the place but haven't got around to it yet.

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    1. re: Galen

      Great review mar52. We went there yesterday, and amongst the three of us had the turkey, lamb and the Hungarian sausage. All three were delicious, the Hungarian was spiced well, and I found the turkey to be unbelievably good (could be because of low expectations). The lamb, IIRC, was milder, but flavorful.

      I think you make a very good point about grilled onions being part of the package, instead of being a "side". I found the the Grandma sauerkraut to be extremely good, but what really got our fancy were the roasted potatoes. They stood out and were undoubtedly very very good.

      Overall, it was very good experience, and we will be back there soon.

      Edit: If you are going for Brat Brothers, I would recommend going over to Nata's Pasteries for deserts.

    2. My partner in wurst and I ordered the Hungarian (fit t'eat) the Polish (tasty) and the Bavarian (good solid chomp) accompanied by the roasted potatoes (try that curried ketchup on these), sauerkraut, potato salad and red cabbage. I'd give everything a big thumbs up with a single caveat.

      Good as those cholesterol bombs taste, I don't think that meal should cost nearly $25 dollars. Really? $25 bucks? I've dined at Spago, Osteria Mozza and Hatfield's so spending money on good eatz exits in my vocabulary but $25 dollars for 3 sausages is pushing the envelope. You can buy a POUND of Jody Maroni's brats for $7.00. I'm just sayin'.

      1. Can't say anything bad about this place. Both owners, Peter and Roland were there. Sweet as can be, Peter and my Aussie husband spoke about time spent down under. Creative menu, comfy place.

        The meals we had were both great. I had the Wild West (buffalo and burgandy). Hubby had the Swiss (veal, parsley). Both had potato salad and red cabbage salad for sides, everything was amazing. I want to go back and try every single offering.

        Hours are hard because they close at 7. They are due to open a second location at 3rd and La Cieniga that will be open later. Big expansion plans in the works for other locations.

        Yes, parking can suck but everything else (within their control) is top notch.

        1. The original comment has been removed

            Agree with all your particulars, I especially enjoyed the New Zealander. Definitely agree that the onions should be a topping and not a side.

            WARNING: At least as of when I was there in May they hadn't replaced the Petit Jacques sign from the previous tenant, although the awning and the window sign say Brat Brothers. The cross street is Sunnyslope.