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Apr 26, 2008 06:54 PM

Thai sticky sweet rice - need to rinse?

I just bought some Thai sweet rice and it is soaking right I need to rinse it before I steam it? I rinse Japanese rice, unless it's musenmai, but all of the Thai recipes I have looked at never mention whether I need to take this step or not. TIA!

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      Have you had good results witht the Thai sweet rice without soaking? When I use Japanese mochi-gome I soak that overnight.

    2. Well, coincidentally I just finished steaming some long-grain Thai sweet rice to make sticky mango coconut rice. I soaked it for a few hours, and then stuck it in my stainless steel double-boiler style steamer for about 30 minutes over gently boiling water. I didn't rinse it, and I do always rinse basmati and jasmine before cooking. It came out perfectly.

      Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in, since this was my first experience with Thai rice.

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      1. re: bear

        That's exactly what I'm making! All the recipes for it said to soak it. Glad to know it came out perfectly without rinsing.

        1. re: Dlish

          Sorry, soaking is a good thing. Rinsing is not necessary. When I'm pressed and can't soak, I add an extra splash of water and couple of minutes more steaming time (very rough estimates). Whatever you're comfortable with. Each batch of Thai glutinous rice needs a bit of adjustment in any case.

          1. re: Dlish

            Are you folks making Mango Sticky Rice from The Sweet Spot? I've been looking at that recipe and wonder if you could comment on it if that's the one?.

          2. re: bear

            Hehe, so you tried that recipe from epicurious? hehe.

            I made a batch of sticky rice yesterday. I rinsed for the first time before steaming it. Didn't notice a difference. So yeah, just soak the rice, like bear said.

            1. re: choctastic

              Hey, chocotastic, I did try the epicurious recipe, and it was awesome. I think what I loved the most was the slight saltiness contrasting the sweetness of the coconut cream. It was very easy, and a real bargain compared to getting it out. I think I actually preferred the epicurious version over the restaurant version, and it is great to be able to add as much coconut as you want. My son also loved it. Thanks for the post! (I actually had posted on the "I never make..." thread after I made it.)


              1. re: bear

                Ah I saw the post and responded. Glad you liked it! Yeah, I prefer it over most restaurant versions as well, for the same reason.

          3. growing up in a thai household, my mom taught me to soak at least an hour, preferably overnight. no need to rinse.

            1. soak 2 hours to overnight, no need to rinse (soaking cleans it enough)

              1. Soak, 4 hours or overnight is good. Then drain. I never rinse. Then steam over water. YUM. My favorite rice. I eat it plain (as in, totally plain, no salt, nothing).