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Apr 26, 2008 06:45 PM

Innexpensive but Quality

Smiles to all - I've been lurking a while -
I'll be visiting Chicago next week for a conference, and staying on Ontario Street. I'll need to eat in restaurants almost every meal . . . and although I insist on quality food, I feel that doesn't necessarily mean expensive. Do ya'll have any tips on tasty food that won't spoil my budget? Happy Hours?
I'll try almost any food at least twice, I love beef and potatoes, real Mexican/South American, most Asian, Mediterranean, and I KNOW I'll have to try a hot dog and deep dish pizza while there. Any suggestions for a hungry traveler?

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    1. I'd really recommend Nuevo Leon, my favorite Mexican food place in Chicago. It's easy to get to by hopping on the el (the city's train system) which is great for visitors, and it's even better for people who don't like to spend drop lots of money on great food. Every dish I've ever tried has been absolutely spot-on, but I especially love the nachos and bistec a la mexicana. Don't leave without trying the refried beans and some horchata.