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Apr 26, 2008 05:42 PM

mexican market in logan, utah

Drove to Logan today to see the folks. There is a mexican market (don't remember the name) that is a must-stop. It's on the corner of first north and first west. nice selection of stuff, good meat case, but the star attraction is a "bakery" at the end of the store. It's a very small area, and I don't know how they do it, but they are turning out fantastic pastries and bread at ridiculously low prices. Everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly, the produce is fresh, etc etc.
Had lunch with my family at the thai restaurant Kamin, certainly wasnt wowed but it's a good effort for a small college town.

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  1. I am going to pass this info off to my best friend that has moved there from Albuquerque. They are always looking for some good mexican food. I don't think they will find the "New Mexico" food they are used to, but they might find something to help. :)

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      Tell them to try El Toro Viejo, it's a great authentic Mexican place on Main Street and 10th North

    2. I think it's called La Ranchera or something like that with "Ranch" in it. Yes, it is a nice little market. There are actually a few other good ones in town too. The one you went to used to do tacos and a few other dishes at a food counter, but I think they stopped. The prices ARE ridiculously low, even on the produce.

      Quality at Kamin is uneven, and service is usually terrible. Nonetheless, it is nice to have SOMETHING Thai here in town.