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Apr 26, 2008 05:25 PM

ISO: the best Farmers Markets in Denver/Boulder area

It's been years since I've been to any Farmers Markets in Colorado, and we are moving from the mountains down to Arvada. Was hoping to get some feedback on the local farmers markets, which ones are best. It used to be the one in Boulder was the place to go, but now I see so many new ones on the FM website. I also remember the last time I was at the one in Golden it was very disappointing, same with the tiny one in Evergreen.



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  1. The Boulder farmers' market is still the best on the Front Range. I've been to the Cherry Creek, Stapleton, and City Park markets, and they don't hold a candle to Boulder's.

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      While Boulder is very good and my favorite if I have time to head all the way up there (I live at I-25 and I-225 so it's quite a drive) the Cherry Creek Market is very good as well. I've also been to the one at Belmar but not for a couple of years so it may have changed but it wasn't very big then.

    2. I have not been to boulder yet, but have heard it is the best. Went to Belmar last year, but it was late in the season, so I'm not sure if the size was typical, etc. it was a decent market though.

      Cherry Creek is nice, but personally I give a market high markets for the variety and quality of the vegetables & fruit, not the number of prepared food vendors. While it has those in spades, the veg & fruit selection wasn't much better than the little market in the mall parking lot near my home in littleton.

      1. Cherry Creek. Period. It's fabulous...I don't live nearby but when I'm off for summer vacation, I try to go as often as possible. They have a great selection and fun atmosphere.