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Apr 26, 2008 05:15 PM

When you go to Port Chester and could choose only ONE restaurant....

what restaurant would you choose, what would your order and why? There is just to much to choose from and I am confused there, and only Very fresh and Very HOMEMADE!

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  1. Tarry Lodge pizza! :(
    Sorry, just had to respond with that. I went there since I was little and I miss it!

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    1. re: tarrytown hound

      I used to go there all the time when i was little too, where are you from/ i loved all there food but are they still there?

      1. re: nbermas

        I grew up in Scarsdale, but used to make the trip with my family. It's been closed for a few years b/c of a fire, that may or may not have been intentionally set.

    2. Responded to your other post... but...

      I like the latin places, which is what Port Chester really means to me... so I'd probably still go to Tortilleria Los Gemelos, because their carnitas tacos/tortas/sopes are just so good. They also have good horchata. Then I'd go to paleteria fernandez for mexican ice cream. The avocado, dulce de leche, blackberry and watermelon are some of my favorites there.

      Sorry that's two, but it's sorta criminal to make me choose :)

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      1. re: adamclyde

        Same exact answer as adamclyde, except Q comes in a close second.

        1. re: uberkelly

          Me three for Tortilleria and Paleteria followed by Q. However, I read here that Q just had a fire and is currently closed so that makes it Tortilleria-Paleteria.

          Also, keep in mind that Tandoori on Main Street is very, very good Indian and of course, when it comes to homemade although not a restaurant, Kneaded Bread is a must stop place.

      2. I really like Cafe Mirage - ate there last night and had a terrific chopped salad for two and mussels. The mussels were the plumpest I've ever seen! My friend had the mussel appetizer, which was plenty of food with the salad, and had a curry sauce that was delicious. It's a very casual place, reasonable prices and good food.

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        1. re: pobo

          cafe mirage in port chester/greenwich ???