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Apr 26, 2008 05:02 PM

Looking for lunch tomorrow-Woodley/Cleveland Park

Hey Hounds,

I am doing a tour of Twin Oaks tomorrow. I would love to find a place to stop for lunch beforehand. It can either be off the Woodley or Cleveland Park metro. Just looking for a neighborhood spot to sit and have lunch...nothing fancy. Open to all ethnic foods.


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  1. Wow, you're in restaurant heaven! Sorriso, Nam Viet, Lebanese Taverna.

    1. Afghan Grill is one of the most underrated places in town.

      1. I really like Spices up in Cleveland Park...I'm pretty sure it's open for lunch.

        Down near Woodley Park there is OpenCity or Petit Plates.

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          1. re: cleveland park

            I haven't been in a long time, since I lived in the area over a year ago. But I always liked their roasted chicken served with french fries. I've only had their roasted chicken (which is also available for take out) and omelets and eggs benedict for brunch.

            It never struck me as outstanding but it seems like a nice alternative option in the Woodley Park area.