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Apr 26, 2008 04:30 PM

MSP - Besides Surdyks, who else willing to cut cheese in small portions?

I have continued to patronize Surdyks because they cut all their cheese in front of you and being a solitary cheese eater, I can't get through the larger chunks of pre-cut cheese that other places sell and still enjoy a large variety without spending a fortune. Like Surdyks that they will cut 4-5 types of cheese in 1/4 pound tasting sizes - don't love the location.

Where are some other places where you have staff willing to cut to order? I tried the Byerlys in Roseville and they were less than accomodating/willing. Other thoughts?

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  1. Have you tried Kowalskis?

    They have always been very accommodating and gracious with any orders.

    They have several locations in Minneapolis

    1. Lunds and Byerly's are always willing to cut cheese into smaller portions; better a small sale then no sale at all.

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        1. The Lunds in NE (near Surdyks) has a wonderful cheese department and they will cut whatever you want and give tastes. very knowlegable and not so crowded to shop in.

          1. Whole Foods.
            I would also try Kowalski's... the one on Grand has recently remodeled and improved its cheese area.

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              If you do try asking for small cuts at Kowalski's on Grand, please let us know how that works out. The already large cheese display has been moved, and though I can't say whether it has truly expanded I can say that there isn't a dedicated cheese counter person like you might find at the Lunds stores that were mentioned above.