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Apr 26, 2008 04:16 PM

Good places near St. Charles and Thalia St.?

We will be staying near St. Charles and Thalia Street. What are good places to check out on our first night that might be walking distance from there? Or along the street car line in either direction?

Somewhere kind of casual, not overly fancy, with good food?

Anything else interesting along St. Charles we should check out?

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  1. The Delachaise (St. Charles and Delachaise). Excellent food, excellent bar. But go early (before 9pm) or it gets a little crowded, smoky and, um, weird.

    1. First of all, be careful walking around that area at night. Don't stray too far off the beaten path and you'll be fine. Aside from that, there's good stuff over on magazine close to there: lilette, joey k's, stein's deli (lunch only). Closer to you on st. charles there's voodoo bbq, slice pizzeria, and emeril's delmonico (the nicest place by far on this list). Oh, Zea - a local chain - is right there on st. charles, too. There's also some sushi bars down there that I can't vouch for. For breakfast, head over to blue plate cafe over on prytania (my fav shrimp and grits). You can always take the streetcar into the warehouse dist/cbd. That'll put you right in front of herbsaint, but that's a little nicer than it sounds like you want. That should get you started. Enjoy your stay.

      1. Thank you both for these recommendations. Friends went to voodoo bbq before we got there and liked it. It was closed the night we went there.

        We did go to the Delachaise and very much liked it. As you suggested, we went fairly early. We loved the feel of the place and the people watching. We sat at the bar and ordered. I had something with yuca cakes which were great and shrimp and avocado. And my so had risotto stuffed into a vegetable we weren't familiar with. Can't remember the name of it. Anyway, we were very happy with the spot and will go back when we are staying in the neighborhood next time.

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          I'm so glad you made it to Delachaise. This is the chef's blog: